The rumoured Silent Hill reboot could be part of this week's PS5 event

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A new Silent Hill game could be revealed as a PS5 exclusive as soon as this week as part of Sony's upcoming next-gen event, according to a new rumour from proven industry leaker AestheticGamer. 

Posting their intel on Twitter, AestheticGamer claims that the rumoured Silent Hill game, which is said to be in the works at Japan Studios under the creative direction of the survival horror series' original creator Keiichirō Toyama, could be announced on June 4, when PlayStation unveils new details about its upcoming successor to the PS4. 

Japan Studio is apparently "excited to reveal" the project, suggests the post, though also stresses that if June 4 comes and goes without an announcement, then August is also a possible timeline for the unveiling instead. 

In addition, AestheticGamer offered an update on the already confirmed Resident Evil 8 sequel, stating that it's a cross-gen game that should also be revealed by August at the latest, though they "suspect it'll show up somewhere this month."

According to their sources, the next entry in Capcom's survival horror series was supposed to be shown at the now cancelled E3 2020 convention, which was scrapped earlier this year as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

It's worth taking all of this with a hint of salt, of course, but it's certainly worth keeping in mind as we head towards the PS5 reveal this Thursday. GamesRadar will bring all the latest as soon as it's announced, so be sure to stay tuned throughout the week. 

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