The Precursors

On the ground, the inclusion of “Transformers are so in right now” mechs, and organic alien weapons, despite basically being guns with eyes which you have to poke in shameful places to “reload,” drag the game further and further away from your typical shooter. And when in space, it’s possible to board other ships, and be boarded, which throws you back into an FPS perspective inside your craft, defending it from intruders.

Sounds amazing on paper, but Deep Shadows didn’t create a stellar reputation for themselves with Boiling Point, and that particular title will hang over their heads until they redeem themselves in gamers’ cruelly judging eyes. However, with both The Precursors and White Gold, they’ve got something they didn’t have with Boiling Point: time, and an empty space where an annoying publisher used to stand and shout at them while waving a stick. Could this be another case of Deep Shadows biting off more than they can chew? Or have they learned their lessons from the bug-tastic hovering pumas in Boiling Point? We’re hoping so, because hovering pumas have so much to teach the world.

Steve Hogarty

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