The Precursors

Sept 5, 2007

Developer Deep Shadows is pretty busy making games these days. Made using the same engine as Just Cause/GTA-‘em-up White Gold (even so far as to share an inventory screen layout), The Precursors is attempting to dance the dangerous trans-genre tango: a sci-fi first-person shooter to begin with, set across several open environments, but turning into a space romp with Freelancer-inspired sections, in which you take part in full-on spaceship warfare with lasers and explosions.

We’ve seen Tatooine-style settlements, populated with AI-people going about their AI-controlled AI-business, while outside the city walls roam some big ol’ mutants. We’ve also seen spaceships zipping through space in as predictably impressive a manner as could possibly be imagined. Each planet is set to host a massive chunk of content, in terms of both gameplay and physical size, and there will be between six and eight (it’s yet to be decided) of these planets to discover.