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The Ooblets Nullwhere Halloween update is out now with spooky new friends

(Image credit: Glumberland)

The new Nullwhere Ooblets update gets the adorable creature-raising farm sim into the Halloween spirit, and it's out now. 

Nullwhere was originally teased last month, with developer Glumberland calling it the first big content update, complete with a new region, more characters, and added story content. With the update now available, the studio has given a more detailed breakdown of everything in Nullwhere, and whoo boy, it's a lot. 

"We focused mainly on new content with 0.4 so there aren’t a whole lot of bug fixes in this update, but we will be getting to everything we can over time," the studio said. "There’s still a lot more to do to get us to 1.0 so we’re excited to jump into what’s next."

The titular region is the headliner, but the Nullwhere update also comes with three new crops, nine NPCs and 75 new lines of dialogue, two new Ooblet types as well as added variations for Nullwhere Ooblets, four new craftable items, and 24 Ooblet moves. Those are just the highlights, too; there's much and more to be found in Nullwhere, and I can't stop reading that in the voice of the narrator from Courage the Cowardly Dog. 

These and other additions are available right now, and Glumberland says it has more planned for the immediate future. "There were a few things we had planned that didn’t quite make it into this release but are likely going to be coming soonish," the studio said in a post (opens in new tab). Upcoming features include new clubhouse quests, a figurine reprinter, Ooblet figurine cases, and, on a more technical level, support for widescreen resolutions. 

"We also wanted to do a small Halloween limited-time event that we might not get around to, but if we do it will come in a bit towards the end of the month," Glumberland added. 

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Austin Wood
Austin Wood

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