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Ooblets is getting a Halloween update that adds a whole new, spooky region

(Image credit: Glumberland/Double Fine)

Ooblets first major content update will add a brand new, Halloween-inspired region. Let the pumpkin spice lattes flow freely, because it's about to get spooky up in here.

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The Nullwhere Update (Update 0.4) will add a brand-new region for you to explore, complete with new characters and its own storyline. The official Ooblets Twitter account likened it to Mamoonia, which is an explorable desert location that has a small storyline connected to it. As you can see from the pictures, Nullwhere has luminous green mist, creepy trees, strangely shaped pumpkins, and characters dressed as ghosts, all in the gorgeous Ooblets art style. 

Despite the "explore if you dare" attached to this announcement, I don't think Nullwhere will be very creepy, but I'm positive it will be full of Ooblets humor. Expect some sly retorts to give you pause and some spooky-themed Ooblet dance-offs. Maybe we'll even discover a brand-new, Halloween-themed Ooblet to add to our dance crew. All I know is, I'm always ready for spooky season, but this update has me more prepared than ever.

The free Nullwhere Update will be dropping sometime this month for all Ooblets owners, and the team at Glumberland is aiming to get the update out at the same time across PC and Xbox One. And the new Nullwhere region will remain permanently in the game, so you can get your Halloween on at any time of the year. We absolutely must stan. 

A recent update lets you set your excess Ooblets free.

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