The new Ultimate Universe is showing what Gwen Stacy's life could have been like if she never died

Ultimate Spider-Man #4 interior art
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

We've seen worlds in Marvel's Multiverse where Gwen Stacy never died at the hands of the Green Goblin, like in Spider-Gwen's home reality. But in Ultimate Spider-Man #4, we'll get to see what it's like in a world where Gwen Stacy's life was never touched by Spider-Man or even spider-powers at all.

Rather than make us wait to find out what Gwen's up to in a timeline where neither she nor Peter Parker received spider-powers as a teenager, Marvel has already revealed the adult Gwen's fate in the new Ultimate Universe, and it's a path she may have stayed on in the mainstream Marvel Universe if Peter Parker had never come into her life at all.

As it turns out, she's married to Harry Osborn, helping him run OsCorp. And we'll get to know the happy couple a lot more in Ultimate Spider-Man #4 when Harry and Gwen go on a double date with Peter and Mary Jane, putting a new twist on a classic motif from Silver Age Spider-Man comics.

Here's a gallery of interior pages from Ultimate Spider-Man #4, along with the cover by Mateus Manhanini:

"In this exciting new universe, Gwen never met a tragic fate. Instead, she married Harry Osborn and now co-runs Oscorp Industries. Learn more about this ambitious power couple when the Parkers and Osborns go on a double date!" reads Marvel's official description of Ultimate Spider-Man #4. "Amidst cocktails, small talk is quickly dispersed as this fearless foursome discuss exposing the dark corruption that shaped their world."

"Little do they all know that the two men at the table have already taken matters into their own hands by suiting up as the vigilantes Spider-Man and Green Goblin!"

Ultimate Spider-Man #4 goes on sale April 24.

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