The new Mara Jade and KotoR Star Wars The Black Series figures look incredible

Star Wars The Black Series Bastila Shan boxes on display
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Hasbro has unveiled new Star Wars The Black Series figures drawn from beloved expanded universe stories, including Mara Jade (Luke Skywalker's wife in the now-Legends timeline) and key characters from Knights of the Old Republic.

Revealed at Hasbro's MCM Comic Con in London, Bastila Shan and Darth Malak from Knights of the Old Republic led the charge in terms of Star Wars The Black Series reveals. While Hasbro's released smaller, three-inch versions of these characters in the past, this is the first time we've got either of them at a more detailed six-inch scale. Along with their signature lightsabers and collector-friendly boxes featuring original artwork, they also have some fun extra touches like Malak's removable metal jaw and posable robes for Bastila that offer more flexibility when it comes to display. 

I managed to get an up-close look at early versions for both of these Star Wars The Black Series action figures, and it's a shame that their vibrant designs - including Bastila's vivid red garments that are better captured here than on previous versions, in my opinion - aren't done justice in the pictures I managed to take. Both boast impressive deco that enriches the relatively low-resolution models we saw during KotoR (though, as it happens, it was apparently Malak's simple palette that allowed the sizeable figure to be produced as a mainline model rather than a more expensive deluxe one). These will launch early next year and should up be for pre-order soon in case you're on the hunt for cool Star Wars gifts.

Fan favorite Mara Jade also impressed. Pitched as a 'best of' figure that includes her purple lightsaber despite her not necessarily having it in the time frame depicted here (the Dark Force Rising comics, if you're curious), it's a crisp and characterful sculpt with a lot of personality even when idly posed… which is only right for a character like Mara, in all fairness. 

Naturally, you're getting her blaster as an accessory too. As with many other Star Wars The Black Series action figures, this can be stored in a functional holster at her hip.

Much like Bastila Shan and Darth Malak, this figure will launch in early 2023 and will go up for pre-order shortly.

There were plenty of other announcements for The Black Series (such as Doctor Aphra in her trenchcoat and comics character Mic), but most of the other announcements were reserved for The Vintage Collection. In addition to a revised Scout Trooper Speeder Bike with more screen-accurate detailing, Paz Vizsla (the imposing Mandalorian with a love of heavy weapons from season one and The Book of Boba Fett) made an appearance too. This will be an Amazon worldwide exclusive.

The MCM Comic Con panel wasn't just about the here and now, however. We also got a sneak-peek at what's in the pipeline for 2023, and we'll be getting live-action Cad Bane as well as numerous Clone Wars figures such as early 'Snips' Ahsoka Tano.

Speaking of looking ahead, the Black Friday Star Wars deals aren't too far off. If you'd like to save as much as possible on Star Wars The Black Series action figures, it's worth keeping an eye on our guide - we'll be rounding up the lowest prices throughout November.

These new reveals might not be quite as out there as the new D&D Dicelings that are basically Transformers, or the spooky Halloween Wookie action figure - but they come close. For more cool stuff from a galaxy far, far away, check out the best Lego Star Wars sets.

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