These Transformer-style D&D action figures turn from dice into monsters

Dungeons & Dragons Dicelings Beholder on moss
(Image credit: Hasbro)

We were anticipating D&D action figures based on the new movie, but ones that change from D20 dice into monsters like Transformers? That took us by surprise. 

Called 'Dicelings', they start life as oversized D20s with unique rune, feather, or scale theming. But then, much like the D&D Mimic, they change into one of four iconic foes - a many-eyed Beholder, the classic Owlbear, a poison-spitting Black Dragon, or a more traditional Red Dragon. 

Each one will set you back $13.99, and they're due to arrive on March 1, 2023. While this does mean they probably won't appear in this year's D&D Black Friday deals, you can pre-order them via Entertainment Earth or direct from Hasbro Pulse.

Dungeons & Dragons Dicelings Black Dragon with die and monster form

(Image credit: Hasbro)

This wasn't the only tabletop-related announcement, though. We also got our first proper look at the full D&D movie action figures via the Hasbro 1027 stream, featuring the main cast. We don't have a firm date for them yet, but they'll apparently hit shelves in January or February.

Finally, something else from D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast is coming - a replica of the Chandra Pyromancer’s Gauntlet. Based on the Artifact card, it comes with the usual electronic sound and light effects you'd expect… but it also features misting smoke for added "oh my gosh" factor. It weighs in at $299.99 and lands in Fall 2023, so it might just sneak into next year's Black Friday Magic: The Gathering deals.


Dungeons & Dragons Dicelings | $13.99 each at Entertainment Earth
Available March 1, 2023 - Four Dicelings have been revealed so far, and they're some of D&D's most iconic monsters: you can get a Beholder, Owlbear, Black Dragon, or Red Dragon. All come as a themed D20 but can quickly be transformed into their full, monstrous appearance.

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