The most underrated strategy game of 2022 is free to play this weekend

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Marvel's Midnight Suns, far and away the most underrated strategy game - and possible just the most underappreciated game of 2022 more broadly - is free to play from now until Sunday, March 26 at midnight PDT.

Maybe people are turned off by card games, or maybe they're burnt out by Marvel games after that one from a few years back that rhymes with Larvel's Revengers, but the post-launch hype around Marvel's Midnight Suns seems to have petered out pretty quickly. And that's a shame because it's really quite good! Our 4/5-star Midnight Suns review praises the intricate turn-based combat system that's a marked departure from Firaxis's earlier effort, XCOM, as well as the rich histories and colorful personalities of its cast of heroes, and the surprisingly deep gameplay elements tucked away at the Abbey, your heroes' home base.

"Marvel's Midnight Suns works wonders to freshen up familiar Marvel characters, producing lively battles from focused turn-based systems, then diving into their personalities and histories to reveal their intimate concerns," reads our verdict. "The combat missions can feel a little side-lined by the sheer wealth of resource management tasks and relationship building, but all the pieces serve a purpose within the richly detailed whole. Marvellous? Pretty much."

It's a good time to jump into Midnight Suns, and not just because it's free for the weekend. Firaxis has been dropping DLC characters at a steady clip, and just this week Morbius, AKA The Living Vampire, was added to the roster. You know what means, and it rhymes with "it's blorbin thyme."

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