It's Morbin time: Midnight Suns shadow drops the DLC character we've wanted for months

Marvel's Midnight Suns has added Dr. Michael Morbius to its roster, allowing you to add the meme-worthy superhero to your roster starting today.

Publisher 2K shadow-dropped the fan-favorite DLC character alongside a new trailer showing off some of The Living Vampire's blood-thirsty abilities. The trailer shows a contentious reunion between Blade, AKA the Vampire Hunter, and Morbius, before the duo puts their differences aside and joins The Hunter to take on Hydra soldiers together and confront the Lord of Vampires, Dracula.

In general, I'm liking the vampire vibe of this latest Midnight Suns expansion, and it could just be the thing that makes me pull the trigger on Firaxis's Marvel strategy game. It certainly doesn't hurt that the ongoing Steam Spring Sale has Midnight Suns on sale for $29.99 right now - half off its normal retail price. If you're in the same boat as me - that is, debating whether to add another Very Good Game to your backlog because it's on sale and everyone's telling you to play it - just be sure to do so before the sale ends on March 23.

Marvel's Midnight Suns' season pass campaign has been adding DLC characters at a fairly steady clip since the game launched back in December. Deadpool was added in January, followed by Venom in February, and soon Morbius will be followed by Storm, of X-Men fame. As with previous character drops, we probably won't know about Storm's release date until the day.

If you are planning on jumping in, don't forget to heed these Marvel's Midnight Suns tips for best success.

Jordan Gerblick

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