The Steam Spring Sale is live

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Update - March 16: The 2023 Steam Spring Sale is now live. It will run for a full week through 10am PT / 1pm ET on Thursday, March 23. Consult your wishlist, your bank account, and your sense of restraint, because the deals are a-flowin'. 

Original story follows... 

The Steam Spring Sale start times are right around the corner, with the next big sale set to begin around the world on March 16.

The actual Steam Spring Sale start times around the world are 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET/5 p.m. GMT on March 16. Keep in mind that clocks in the US are now in summer time-saving mode, so whereas this would normally be 6 p.m. for UK Steam users, it's been effectively moved up an hour by the US clocks going forward.

After this, you've got precisely one week to take part in the Steam Spring Sale for 2023. The major sale will be hanging around on the storefront until March 23, when it'll be finishing at the exact same time it began at. GMT clocks won't be in their Summer time-saving modes then either, so the same 5 p.m. GMT rule applies for UK folks.

If you weren't already aware, this is the first major Steam sale for 2023. Valve announced all the 2023 Steam sale dates earlier this year, basically giving users notice to adequately prepare their wallets for each sale before the money dries up whenever a new sale rolls around.

Because this is one of Steam's broad-reaching seasonal sales, it won't be restricted to one game genre. We've already had the likes of the Mystery Fest in 2023 for example, where, you guessed it, mystery games were the big focus of the sale, as was the case with the Base Builder Fest earlier in the year.

After this Spring Sale, the next Steam seasonal sale will come around on June 29, when the Summer Sale kicks into gear. 

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