The Manhunt is back on

Aug 24, 2007

Labeled as "cruel sadism," derided both publicly andwithin Rockstar, eventually banned, subsequently subject to a slew of supportive petitions; more of the public consciousness has been directed at Manhunt 2 than the average show of CSI.

Now seven months of turmoil later, the Entertainment Software Board (ESRB) has reclassified the title from "Adults Only" to "Mature" in North America, allowing it to be sold to 17-year-olds and stocked in family stores like Wal-Mart - but only after certain content was removed.

What precisely has been cut from the game has yet to be disclosed. However the M rating was awarded based on the inclusion of blood and gore, intense violence, strong language, strong sexual content and use of drugs. So it can%26rsquo;t be entirely bad.

Take Two are eagerly anticipating the North American release regardless, which is rather fittingly penned in on Halloween.

"Manhunt 2 is important to us, and we're glad it can finally be appreciated as a gaming experience," added Sam Houser, founder and executive producer of Rockstar Games. "Manhunt 2 is a powerful piece of interactive story telling that is a unique video game experience. We think horror fans will love it."