Your Mandalorian theories about the show’s title are wrong – according to the actor at the centre of them all

A still from The Mandalorian season 3
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The Mandalorian season 3’s increased focus on Katee Sackhoff’s Bo-Katan led many to speculate that 'The Mandalorian' in the show’s title is, in fact, all about the one-time ruler of Mandalore and not Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin. Not only that, but it would mean Din Djarin taking a back seat to the ongoing adventures of Bo-Katan in future seasons.

Now, Sackhoff has responded to those theories – by denying that it’s Bo-Katan’s show.

"I think there's always going to be a lot of speculation in this fandom," Sackhoff told The Direct about chatter around Bo-Katan’s increased standing in the Star Wars Disney Plus series. "You know, I think it's one of the reasons why people love this fandom so much, and they love this universe so much, [is] that a lot of times it allows just enough ambiguity for people to interpret things the way that they want to interpret them."

She continued, "I think in this situation, I think that the story of the Mandalorians and the story of Bo-Katan needed to be told, I don't believe in any way that it was taking away from Din’s story, nor was that ever the intention. And you know, Pedro and I aren't in charge of who gets to lead the show…. This is Din Djarin's show, it will always be Din Djarin's show."

So, rest easy, internet: The Mandalorian is still going to revolve around Din Djarin – even if Bo-Katan’s redemption arc took centre stage earlier this year.

The Mandalorian season 4, meanwhile, is seemingly "ramping up" production, which means cameras could get rolling soon. A Mando-verse movie, directed by Dave Filoni, is also in the works.

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