The Last of Us series set photo offers best look yet at Pedro Pascal's Joel

The Last of Us
(Image credit: Naughty Dog)

A new set photo from the production of The Last of Us series has struck gold: the first full look at Pedro Pascal’s Joel.

The photo comes courtesy of Kristin Raworth on Twitter (H/T The Last of Us Updates) and shows Pedro Pascal masked-up on set in Canada but, crucially, wearing clothes that look extremely close to Joel’s getup from the original game. Computer, enhance!

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Previously, HBO had released an official teaser image that only provided fans with a glimpse of the back of one of Joel’s outfits. While admittedly a little blurry, this new photo proves – if there was ever any doubt – that Pedro Pascal is a perfect fit for Joel.

Elsewhere, recent Last of Us series set photos have focused on a handful of locations from Naughty Dog’s classic. The Boston QZ looks eerily close to the original in one selection, while another covers the HBO show’s take on the Texas-set scenes of the game’s prologue.

The actors themselves have even got in on the act. There’s a shot of Pascal, Gabriel Luna (who plays Joel’s brother Tommy), and Nico Parker (Sarah) preparing for what sure looks like a retelling of one of the game’s most heart wrenching scenes.

No release date yet for The Last of Us series. But, with filming well underway, one director’s prior mention of ‘2022’ on their Instagram page could be proof enough that we won’t have very long to wait to see Joel and company in action.

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