The Last of Us creators talk what’s to come in season 2

Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie in The Last of Us
(Image credit: HBO)

The Last of Us showrunners Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin have shared a sneak peek at their plans for season 2.

"You can expect us to repeat the same process, which is we will look at what made that story special and what is the soul of that story. And that needs to remain intact," Mazin said on the official The Last of Us podcast. "And then the moment-to-moment beats and characters, they might stay the same, they might change. We will do what needs to happen to that story as it transfers from one medium to another."

The second season of the hit HBO show will adapt Part 2 of the video game, follows Ellie and her journey as a young adult, finding her own identity outside of her immunity.

"We will also take advantage of the freedom we have in television that wasn’t there in the game, specifically the advantage of changing perspective," Mazin added. "So, we will use what we can use in a new medium to tell that story and we will go through the same process of adaptation. It’s us again and there will be Pedro and there will be Bella. And there will be blood."

Mazin also shared that audiences will get to learn more about the infected and the virus as a whole – and how simply stepping on the wrong spot will wake up hundreds of thousands of infected.

The Last of Us season 1 can now be streamed in its entirety on HBO Max and Sky.

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