The Last of Us Part 3 rumor is just teasing the inevitable at this point

Joel plays his guitar in The Last of Us Part 2
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A rumour that The Last of Us Part 3 is in production has hit the web, but we wouldn't get too carried away just yet.

One of entertainment and gaming's myriad internet tipsters took to social media to tease that they would be dropping a scoop unless given early access to The Last of Us TV show – "It's not blackmail, I'd just be too busy watching to tweet," Viewer Anon says. As said access didn't arrive, they followed up the tweet with a claim that Neil Druckmann's next game is The Last of Us Part 3, which is "currently in production at Naughty Dog". In response to one curious Twitter user asking about Uncharted, Anon says another studio will handle it. 

Those familiar with the tipster have seen enough to get excited, though others unfamiliar remain sceptical. In response, Anon claims several leaks related to The Last of Us Show and Crash Bandicoot 4. 

The rumour follows comments about The Last of Us Part 3 made by Neil Druckmann himself last year. Speaking to the Script Apart podcast, Druckmann confirmed that a story outline exists that explores the aftermath of Part 2. 

"I don't know how much I want to reveal," Druckmann said. "[Co-writer Halley Gross] and I did write an outline for a story, that we're not making - but I hope one day can see the light of day - that explores a little bit what happens after this game. We'll see."

Druckmann then went on to clarify that there's been "quite a bit" of discussion at the studio over the sequel, though nothing was in development at the time. If what Viewer Anon says is true, then the significant development is that Naughty Dog has got to work in a big way since then.

The success of the Last of Us and the general busyness around the franchise means a third main-line entry was always inevitable, regardless. The first two games have been hits, the TV show is around the corner, and a multiplayer game is in the works. 

A reveal landing soon is unlikely as leaks typically touch upon something not ready to share – if they're correct in the first place. We'll probably see The Last of Us Part 3 sooner or later, but when remains a mystery.

The upcoming The Last of Us multiplayer game might be free to play.

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