The Last of Us Part 1 PC Deluxe Edition bonuses take the struggle out of staying alive, and that's not a good thing

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The extras included in The Last of Us Part 1 (opens in new tab) PC Digital Deluxe Edition take the struggle out of staying alive, and while that might sound like a positive thing, it isn't.

The Last of Us Part 1 is coming to PC on March 28, 2023, giving more players the opportunity to experience what Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann considers the game's "definite version". With the release date just a little over a month away, pre-orders are now live, and there's a choice of editions on offer. The vanilla version costs $59.99/£49.99, or for an extra $10/£10, you can have the Digital Deluxe Edition (opens in new tab). Fans who opt for the latter will be given a bunch of virtual extras to make surviving in the game's post-apocalyptic world a whole lot easier, too easy, in fact. 

The Digital Deluxe Edition contains various upgrades for your skills - allowing you to heal and craft items faster - as well as weapon upgrades in the form of increased ammo capacity for your rifle and faster reloading for your pistol. While the digital extras will certainly come in handy, having access to them from the very start of the game is sure to result in a seriously unbalanced experience in the early sections.

After all, The Last of Us is meant to be a struggle for survival, and by going in overpowered, you won't get to experience the opening hours in the way they were intended. Of course, if you're not bothered by this and want to show those clickers who's boss from the get-go, then the deluxe version is definitely the one for you. 

Alternatively, you can opt for the Firefly Edition for PC, which along with the aforementioned bonuses, includes a voucher for The Last of Us Part 1 on Steam and the Left Behind DLC, as well as a steelbook case and The Last of Us: American Dreams comics 1-4 containing new cover art. This version is available to pre-order now via PlayStation Direct (opens in new tab) for $99.99/£99.99. It will likely sell out pretty quickly, so if you're looking to secure a copy, it's best to get your order in sooner rather than later. 

Originally due to launch on March 3, The Last of Us Part 1 on PC was delayed slightly to ensure it's "in the best shape possible." You'll also be able to experience Joel and Ellie's unforgettable adventure on the go, as the game will be fully compatible with Steam Deck when it arrives next month.

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