The Last of Us 2's Lev and Yara both want to reprise their roles in Season 2 of the HBO show

The Last of Us Lev and Yara
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The Last of Us 2's Lara and Lev are both game for reprising their roles in the HBO adaptation.

Last month in January, The Last of Us TV show was renewed for a second season. Ian Alexander, who did a fantastic job portraying Lev in The Last of Us 2, was asked by Insider whether they'd be up for returning to their role in the series' sophomore season, and the answer was a resounding yes.

"My fingers are crossed that I get to reprise my role as Lev," Alexander tells the outlet. Insider adds that the actor was wearing a little pendant acting as a callback to the series. Alexander also says he is "grateful" to be a part of Naughty Dog's franchise.

Last month, The Last of Us episode 3 aired to critical acclaim, focusing on Bill and Frank, expanding the duo's story from the Naughty Dog game to depict the full course of their romance over an entire episode. Speaking to that episode, Alexander said "I'm glad that they're making the LGBTQ representation more explicit and more just... obviously queer. I'd love to see more of that."

Joining Alexander in the hopes that they'll reprise their role from The Last of Us 2 is fellow actor Victoria Grace. The actor portrayed Yara, Lev's sister, in Naughty Dog's 2020 sequel, and said it'd be a "dream come true" to pick up the mantle of Yara once again in the HBO adaptation.

Alexander's character was a huge focus for The Last of Us 2's LGBTQ representation in 2020. Lev, a transgender teenager, spends a large portion of the sequel on the run from former allies after they refuse to accept his identity, repeatedly deadnaming and taunting the character, to the point of violence. Yara joins Lev and aids him in The Last of Us 2, journeying away from the group they used to call friends.

Right now, HBO hasn't announced any casting decisions for The Last of Us Season 2 or even confirmed that the sequel season would feature both Lev and Yara, for that matter. Nonetheless, Alexander and Grace are both keen to return to the series they had a huge part in.

Don't forget: The Last of Us episode 5 release date has been moved up to today on February 10 due to the Super Bowl.

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