The Getaway 2: Violent new shots

Here are the latest shots of Sony's Getaway 2 from developers Team Soho. While the story isn't a continuation of The Getaway, characters from the original game will be present. Multiple playable characters are promised, although exactly how many hasn't been revealed. The main guy appears to be amateur boxer cum bouncer cum muscle-for-hire Eddie O'Connor but even that may be overstating the case when you consider that director Naresh Hirani has said "the second game tells the story from a number of interwoven perspectives".

Probably the most derided element of The Getaway was the health system - if you stood near a tall enough object your character would lean against it, recuperating life over time. The reason behind this system was that Team Soho wanted the game to be furniture-free to give it 'cinematic clarity', as they call it. Granted, the leaning system did look a bit silly but it was better than finding med packs in the most unlikely places, which really would have spoilt the whole cinematic feel of the game.

However, it appears Team Soho will be going back to a more traditional health system but will keep the pick-up locations of health boosters to appropriate areas. Hinrani described the new system as using "natural locations within the environment where you can regain health through the use of objects found there". We wait with interest and just hope that they don't undermine the whole cinematic clarity approach.

If you want an idea of just how violent the game will be, check out the guy with his head blown against the wall and note the exit wound: nasty by any game's standards.

The Getaway 2 has not received an official release date beyond 2004