The Flash first reactions call it one of the best superhero movies ever

Ezra Miller in The Flash
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Long-awaited and delayed DC movie The Flash has screened at CinemaCon – and the first reactions are very positive. Some of the lucky critics and journalists who've already seen the film have branded it one of the best superhero movies ever, while others have urged people to believe the hype.

Total Film editor-in-chief Jane Crowther wrote: "Despite my worry it might be pointless in the wake of Gunn’s announcements it’s a fitting end to this DC chapter. If you wanna get nuts, you’ll get nuts."

"Caught an unfinished cut of #TheFlash and dug it quite a bit," Collider's Perri  Nemiroff tweeted. "Especially how the narrative challenges Barry to confront who he is, who he could have become, and how one’s influenced by the people in (or not in) their life."

Matt Ramos wrote: "This is truly one of the best superhero movies ever. Believe the hype. Oh my god". While Slash Film's Jenna Busch added: "#TheFlash is pretty great, and it makes sense to me now why DC didn't shelve this one. Michael Keaton is ... chef's kiss. I didn't realize how much I needed Keaton's Batman in my life again. Some really emotional moments here. Sasha Calle is awesome – I want to see more of her!"

Collider's Steven Weintraub wrote: "#TheFlash is fantastic. I know Ezra Miller has made a lot of mistakes but they are soooooo good in this movie. Loved Keaton, the action, humor and emotion. Andy Muschietti has crafted something special. Thumbs way up."

"Damn, #TheFlash is good," added Brandon Davis. "It’s super inventive both visually and in concept. The dynamic of two Barry Allen’s is crazy well done. Emotions hit me intensely hard, solid surprises, and it got me wanting to watch again and really eager to see how they follow it. Well done."

The Justice League spin-off, which stars Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, was first announced back in 2014 and was initially set to release alongside Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman – but that never happened due to director dropouts, the COVID-19 pandemic, and controversies surrounding Miller's behavior off-set

The Flash will reset the DC Universe and end the Snyder-verse, making way for the new Safran/Gunn-verse. The film also stars Michael Keaton, Sasha Calle, Ben Affleck, and Kiersey Clemons. Michael Shannon reprises his role as Zod.

According to co-CEO James Gunn, The Flash is "one of the greatest superhero movies ever made" and will reboot the entire DCU, after which everything will be connected into one, unified canon (excluding The Batman and Joker movies, which are Elseworlds titles). 

A new trailer for the movie also debuted at CinemaCon, which sees Keaton's Batman offering Barry some iconic advice.

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