The first boss in Destiny 2: Forsaken's new raid has already been soloed

It took the best Destiny raiders in the world nearly 19 hours to initially clear Last Wish, the new raid in Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion, when it released last Friday. But now that players have learned the raid's fights and boosted their power levels, they're already chasing Last Wish challenge runs using smaller teams. Known challenge raider Slayerage recently killed Kalli, the Corrupted, the first boss in Last Wish, with the smallest team possible—which is to say, just him. 

Slayerage posted the above video of his solo Kalli kill earlier today. In a comment on Reddit, he confirmed he was 587 power during the run. His high power level was a huge factor in his ability to damage Kalli and the encounter's many enemies, which troubled full teams of six on the day of the raid's release. Naturally, his loadout played a big part too: the beloved Whisper of the Worm exotic sniper rifle made relatively short work of Kalli, and the new Fatebringer-inspired raid hand cannon kept the basic enemies in check. 

Of course, the deciding factor was Slayerage's tactics and skill—and, as he explained after the kill, a bit of luck. Kalli's encounter is based on the plates and symbols around her arena. Ordinarily, you'd activate the six plates on the edge of the arena that correspond to the symbols in the middle of the arena. Each plate opens three safety rooms in the middle which shield players from Kalli's insta-kill attack. But because Slayerage was on his own, he only needed one plate worth of safety rooms each round, which is fortunate since he couldn't possibly activate all of the plates during every damage cycle. 

So, he had to gamble. By restarting the encounter until the ideal trio of plates spawned at the start of the first cycle, he guaranteed he could at least reach the second cycle. From there, he had to bet on getting at least two correct plates in one section of the arena since he didn't have time to move to another group of plates. This gave Slayerage another shot at damaging Kalli, but he also had to bet on her appearing under the few symbols he was able to activate. If she spawned under the two inactive symbols, he wouldn't have had a safe room to hide in and would've died instantly. 

After many, many attempts, the stars finally aligned and Slayerage managed to kill Kalli before she could use her insta-kill attack when no safe rooms were available. Kalli is probably the only boss in Last Wish which can be killed solo, as the mechanics in the other fights explicitly require multiple people, but there's no telling what methods Destiny 2 players will come up with in the coming weeks. 

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Austin Wood

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