The first 15 minutes of Control Alan Wake DLC will debut later this week

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Control officially confirmed the Alan Wake Expansion less than a week ago, but we're already getting a closer look at it ahead of its August 27 release.

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According to the announcement, the first 15 minutes of Control: AWE (aka Altered World Events, or supernatural happenings) will air Thursday, August 13 at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST on Remedy Games' official Twitch account. Remedy Games writer and creative director Sam Lake will join Control's director Mikael Kasurinen for the reveal. 

We don't have many details about the mysterious expansion, which remained a fairly substantial rumor until last week's PlayStation State of Play stream. Control: AWE is the second major expansion following The Foundation DLC, which came to PS4 and PC in March and Xbox One in June. AWE will follow Jesse Faden as she continues to explore the Old House and the Federal Bureau of Control's investigations into AWE. The teaser trailer briefly shows you the creature you'll confront before ending on Alan Wake's return - at some point in the DLC, you'll investigate an AWE that took place in the town of Bright Falls, and stumble upon the disappearance of mystery writer Alan Wake.

Remedy is assuring fans who want to go into this mind-boggling expansion cold that the 15-minute preview won't spoil much of it. "If you want to go into AWE without spoilers, we understand! The first 15 minutes is only scratching the surface of what you'll see in the expansion," the developer tweeted.

Whatever is in store for us with this Control expansion, expect it to be the kind of head-scratching craziness we've come to expect from Remedy Games. 

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