The final two issues of Cable delayed a month each

(Image credit: Phil Noto (Marvel Comics))

Unless you can timeslide like Cable, you're going to be waiting a bit longer for the final two issues of his series.

(Image credit: Ernanda Souza (Marvel Comics))

Marvel has informed retailers that Cable #11 and Cable #12 have been pushed back on their release schedule. The X-Men's big 'Hellfire Gala' event is in June, but since Cable (and Children of the Atom) were previously excluded from the event that wouldn't cause an issue here.

Cable #10 remains on-schedule for April 28, but Cable #11 has been pushed back five weeks to June 30. Cable #12 - the series' finale - goes back four weeks to July 28.

Marvel hasn't given a reason for this delay, but Cable has been a rare 'Big Two' series which kept its same creative team for the duration of its run so far, with Noto even moonlighting by drawing an issue of X-Men during this Cable run.

These final three issues are pitting the younger, fresher-faced 'Kid' Cable against his older, original self. After previously being considered dead by Kid Cable's own hand in Extermination #1 back in 2018, March 24's Cable #9 ended with the surprise reveal that he survived.

"He's out there somewhere... sometime," Kid Cable says in Cable #9. "He's our best weapon to stop Stryfe... now and in the future."

"While the rest of the X-Men gear up for the highly-anticipated Hellfire Gala, young Nathan Summers will have to contend with his grizzled war veteran future self in Cable #12," reads Marvel's official description of the Cable finale. "The past and future of Nathan Summers will finally collide in a game-changing confrontation that will set this iconic character on a new path!"

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