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Kid Cable takes on his adult self in series finale

Cable #12
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel's Cable ongoing title will end in June with Cable #12 from writer Gerry Duggan and artist Phil Noto.

The series finale will pit young Cable, who has been part of the X-Men since he killed his older self, against his adult counterpart in a two-part story encompassing Cable #11 and 12.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"While the rest of the X-Men gear up for the highly-anticipated Hellfire Gala, young Nathan Summers will have to contend with his grizzled war veteran future self in Cable #12," reads Marvel's official description of the Cable finale. "The past and future of Nathan Summers will finally collide in a game-changing confrontation that will set this iconic character on a new path!"

Cable will be the second ongoing X-Men title to end since the start of the Dawn of X' era (which has since transitioned into the current 'Reign of X' status quo), following the launch title Fallen Angels which ran for only six issues.

The Hellfire Gala mentioned in the description is a special Krakoa mutant prom of sorts, during which the new X-Men roster (which includes one member voted on by fans) will be announced.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"I was grateful to be reunited with Cable in this exciting new era of the X-Men, and even more excited to be reunited with one of my most important collaborators, and friends," states Duggan in the announcement. "Phil Noto and I have wrenched on a lot of comics together, and this one will be immortal because of his sublime work."

"On your feet, soldiers, we have our most dangerous battle in the final chapter," he concludes.

Cable #12, the series finale, is due out June 30.

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