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  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Thornbird 21

    Easy Sneak Leveling

    Whiterun stable

    Go to Whiterun and enter the empty, outside stall next to the horse. Crouch down in the inside corner next to the barrels and begin sneaking. This is done best at night when the stable owner has gone home since he usually sits outside in the chair next to the stall. You can also sneak inside of the horse's stall if he is outside of it.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Thornbird21

    Easy Sneaking Level Up

    Travel to Whiterun stable and go to one of the unoccupied stales beside a horse and sneak. best done at night when no one else is around. you can also sneak beside the carriage driver.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Medea-Nord512

    Smithing, Money & Speech

    Beginning of the game

    Go with either Hadvar or Ralof it doesn't matter. Find the torture room. Take everything in the cage with the mage. Later find Riften and have at least 100 coin. Go to the meadery there. Talk to the bartender. Pay him ask him the middle option the select the 1 where you pay him. Do that until you have 25 speech. Then do the middle option and use persuade. Do that until you have 100 speech. Get bribery and haggling perks. Go to a court wizard and sell the magic stuff you don't want. Get lots of money. Go to the nearest blacksmith. Ask if they need help smithing. Do what they say and you'll get the stuff you made. Sell the stuff you made and get tons of money.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Allen

    Free arrows of any kind


    go to solitude near castle dour. wait until 8 am. three guards should come out along with the head honcho dude. find which ones shoot at the targets before they equip their bows and arrows. pickpocket their arrows and replace it with 1 of the desired arrow.. Ex: place daedric arrow on guard. he will only shoot daedric arrows.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Medea-Nord512

    Extra Cash

    Helgen Torture Room

    Take the lock picks. Open the cage with the mage in it.Take EVERYTHING.Go to a Court Wizard and sell the magic stuff you don't want.You'll get at least $100-250

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Medea-Nord512

    Smithing & Money

    Any Smithing Tool Place

    Go to any place you can make armor and weapons. Talk to the manager person. Choose the option that lets you help them smith. Do what they say. You should go up a couple blacksmithing levels! After, they should give you the stuff you made. Sell it to them for some extra cash.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Medea-Nord512

    Easy Money

    Beginning of the game

    Open the cage with the wizard in it and take everything... (In the Helgen Torture Room). When in Whiterun Talk to Farengar. Sell all the magic stuff. You must get at least 100-250.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Medea-Nord512

    Easy Smithing

    This won't put you up by much levels but go to Whiterun and talk to "Adrianne Avenicci." Select the "Do you need help smithing" option (Don't know if it's the actual name). Do what she says and put on as a quest. You will go up at least 2 levels. Last to get extra money the things you made, she will give them to you and you can sell them back to her for some extra chedder. (gold)

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by Relentless King

    Easy Sneak leveling

    Black Briar Meadery in Riften

    Found an easy way to level up your sneak in Riften. All you have to do is go into Black Briar Meadery and go behind Ungrien in the hall and sneak around. The only thing you have to watch for is people come up from the stairs to your left so wait for them to leave and you should be able to level up your sneak quickly enough.

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by robotdickens

    Unlimited carrying capacity


    All you need is to have a Raise Dead spell (higher levels work but the bare minimum is required for this). What you have to do is find anything or anyone you can kill (companions if you're desperate but even something as weak and small as a rabbit will do). Once you've killed it, place all the items you want inside it's corpse. Since corpses don't have a weight limit, they can carry everything in your inventory and more. Then, resurrect the corpse, which is now holding all of your items. This being will follow you for however long you the spell actually lasts (unless you have Dead Thrall which will revive them until they are defeated). The second and final part of this is you need to fast travel to any city, whether major or not. Once you get there, your corpse may have turned to ash but this is alright, because now you can take your items from the ash.
    Note: some enemies/NPCs are glitched and cannot be revived or cannot have items taken from their ash. You should test this before putting all your items into them. Dragons are a definite no on this one, however you can put some things in their corpse and use any kind of revive spell to fling them great distances and still be able to get back your stuff.

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by v117

    Easy way to increase fire, ice, storm and heal spells


    Buy a horse and take it to an empty area then use your fire, ice, or storm spells to do damage to it. Don't kill it. When it has low health, heal it to increase your xp.

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by secretsearcher

    Easily Sneak Level-up

    Outside Ivarstead

    This isn't the only place you can do this, it's just the place i've found works the best. (It helps if you have the thief stone equipped)

    You gain exp for sneak any time you move around while "hidden"...even if you are not really hiding from anyone.

    Go to Ivarstead and cross the bridge towards High Hrothgar. After crossing, climb the first few steps and then go to the left and climb back down the slope. You should end up on a little ledge overlooking the river with lots of big rocks on it. Walk towards the edge of the ledge in sneak mode until one of the villagers sees you and the little eye icon says that you are "discovered"
    then back away from the edge and hide behind the rocks until the icon says "hidden"
    now, if you just move back and forth behind that rock in sneak mode you will constantly gain exp for sneak.

    I got my sneak from 20 to 40 in less than 10 minutes using this technique

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by kor2disturbed

    Dragonbane Sword

    Sky Haven Temple

    *Minor Spoilers*

    After defeating Alduin Delphine will ask you to kill Paarthurnax, kill him and report back to Delphine at Sky Haven Temple. You should see a long table in the middle of the main area. From there head into the room left of the table and you should find a special Blades sword called "Dragonbane" sitting on another table inside the room.

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by blood45638

    How to kill giants easily


    If your in a elevated area (mountain or large hill) lead a giant to a ledge, run behind him and use the unrelenting force shout to knock him down, this may not kill him but he will take significant damage, also you can lead them up a steep path and near the top shout him down, it is risky but each giant has up to 200 gold on him, so its worth it.

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by kor2disturbed

    Eduj and Akin


    There are two secret weapons that can be found in Volunruud. You can find Volunruud in the mountains just north of Whiterun. Enter Volunruud and you should find some bones on the ground near the entrance with a skeleton sitting in a chair to your left. Look down on the ground to find some gold and a journal. Reading the journal will start a quest, follow the quest and you'll get these two rare weapons off the enemy you fight to complete the quest.

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by MyConstantHigh

    Any armor level-up


    There are several people, in the bars around Skyrim, who will bet your character 100 gold to fist fight them. Enchant some armor to regenerate health or find some jewelry that has it because the Npc cant do enough damage to majorly hurt you due to the enchantment. Let them back you into a corner and pummel you. My heavy armor skill went from 47 to 60 in an hour, and i leveled twice.

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by stoke1

    Fast Smithing leveling

    any blacksmith (White run is what i use )

    1. Talk to a blacksmith and buy all the iron ingots,iron ore,leather and leather strips in the shop.
    2. Go to the tanning rack and make leather strips with the leather, then do the same with the iron ore at the smelter.
    3. Go to the forge and make as many iron daggers as you can.

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by SemperF1

    A little extra money

    Before you sell any loot, find a beggar and give them a piece of gold. You'll get a bonus called gift of charity, increasing your speech by 10 points, when you sell your loot you'll get slightly better prices.

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by aj

    Steal anything un-noticed

    Any shop

    At any shop, if you pick up any basket or pot and place it over the shopkeepers head, they won't notice you stealing everything they own

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by Kuro

    More unlimited steel arrows!

    Thieves Guild, Riften

    Inside the thieves guild, (not the pub part, but the actual back guild area), there is an area where all of the members hang out. (Big circular area which connects to the training room). Inside the main chamber, there's a few small targets set up for archery practice which the NPC's use. If you see one of them using it, just hop over near the target (not too close) and when they shoot, just pluck the arrows from the target.

    After a while, they do stop shooting.. but return to it promptly after you move away for a little while.
    I grabbed 120+ Steel Arrows from this before the NPC stopped shooting for me.

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by HamptonN

    Infinite steel arrows


    go to solitude and go to the imperial legion headquarters. Go to the courtyard where there are several soldiers shooting arrows at targets. You can take the arrows from the targets and the men will continually shoot at the targets. They never run out of arrows. This is a way to get infinite steel arrows and money because you can sell the arrows.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Glitches

  • PS3 | Submitted by DarthDanny

    Invincible Chest


    1. Go to Dawnstar.
    2. Look around the area of Iron-Breaker mine, near the forge.

    In between two rocks you will see the icon to open a chest but no chest is there. In the chest there is around 500 carry weight amount of stuff in it. Including 700 Septims a lot of filled and empty souls gems and enchanted weapons, apparel and a bunch of Misc. items. and best of all it replenishes every 48 or 72 hours.

    - Enjoy -

  • PS3 | Submitted by calebcompton123 - youtube

    How To Get The Do Not Delete Chest

    Whiterun, Dragonsreach, Jarl's Quarters

    This video shows you how to get a DO NOT DELETE chest/box in Skyrim. This is really useful as it floats and can be used to reach high places (like the video below). It can also make it easier to find other DO NOT DELETE chests because if you drop it when you fall, you can land on it.
    1) Place platter against wall on the right side of the Jarl's bed in Whiterun.
    2) Push into the platter to get through the wall.
    3) Keep pressing the select button (depending on console, X/B) to get the Do Not Delete chest.

  • PS3 | Submitted by CEBSTER

    6 Hidden Chests in Thieves Guild (Gold,Armour,Weapons)

    Ragged Flaggon, Theives Guild, Riften

    First go to door and put a platter or wooden plate up to it
    then push into it to get through the wall
    you will fall in water(move back if you just keep falling)
    then you can enter the 6 hidden chests and loot them!

    These respawn after 48 hours if you are Guildmaster but only 1 box respawns if you are not (Thieves Guild Fence chest) thats the best one anyway!

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by TPY1996

    Infinite sprint

    Game world (anywhere basically)

    Equip a torch, can be from inventory or from favorites menu, then press the sprint button once (do not hold) you should the sprint freely, even when all your stamina is gone.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by MIKEBARGUS

    Markarth hidden chests


    In markarth there will be a house that you can buy called Vindal house. go up there and walk across the wall. u should fall through the map to uncover 2 chests.

    if it doesnt work... my game is broken.

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by Dom_gregory

    Another fast way to level up sneak and weapon skills

    The Whiterun Skyforge

    Go to the blacksmith at the Skyforge. When he starts to sharpen or make weapons crouch behind him until you are hidden. When you are hidden you can attack him. He will not attack you so you can keep repeating this to increase your sneak and attacking skills.

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by Im2high4allyou

    Level up everything within 10 minutes

    Septimus outpost (place that is really far away in ice and snow)

    After you finish the main quest you will have the Elder Scroll and Lexicon (the cube that Septimus gave you) now bring the cube back to him (Septimus) and he will ask you to acquire blood from the following races: Orc, Wood Elf, High Elf, Dark Elf, and Familiar. Bring him the blood and will open the giant block with a book inside. DO NOT READ IT! Take it and go a house you own. Go to the bookshelf (save just in case). Now place the book in the bookshelf, activate the bookshelf, choose option "Do not read," take it, activate the bookshelf, read it and then store it. Repeat level all skills to 100.

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by Im2high4allyou

    500 gold glitch from Cicero

    Downstar sanctuary (from Dark Brotherhood quest)

    Go into the room and pickpocket Cicero to get 500 gold, then he will stand up and fight you. After he is dead search him and you will get 500 gold again!

  • PS3 | Submitted by cablecar1

    Get out-of-level in Whiterun


    Entering through Whiterun's entrance gates, turn to the right. There is a stone opening in the wall and then to the right, there lies a small room with a barrel. Jumping from the barrel against the wall will eventually give you a foot hold and you may either eventually get through the opening there, facing that direction, or by hopping to the opposite side and exiting that way. You are then free to move throughout the spacious, and rather strange, area that is the incomplete Skyrim you're not supposed to see. Once moving a few hundred feet away, the ground becomes invisible. The natural landscape can be seen a few hundred feet below the invisible plane you walk on. This glitch is not particularly helpful, but leads to some rather interesting adventuring. Key spots (forts, buildings, cities) will be visible until coming close to them, at which point they disappear completely. Monsters do not spawn, but since the ground is completely invisible, it is possible to fall off unseen ledges. See if you can find a way out of Skyrim's boundaries. ;D

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by HamptonN

    Troll roll

    A high steep cliff with a troll or any other enemy

    When on a steep cliff or hill, use the ice form shout on an enemy and they will fly off the hill and bounce around.

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by the ginger

    Max out speech

    Black Brior Meadery in Riften

    You must have 25 speech for this to work. Talk to Ungrien. Ask him to tell you about Maven Black-Brior. After that persuade him to tell you the truth and he will then do it again. You will keep getting speech exp every time you persuade him. It will take about 30 min to get from 25 to 100 speech.

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by STORMRISER

    Steal Items Without Getting Caught


    You must have the Shout "Become Ethereal". Once you have the Shout go into a random house (or shop) at any time of day, use the Shout and you'll become a ghost. Crouch down and walk over to a person, you'll notice that they know you're there but when you pickpocket them you can take whatever you want (or take everything) without getting caught.

    It's really handy for the Thieves Guild quests.

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by Kingpin Slim

    Max out skills at Helgen

    Helgen Keep

    At the start of the game, after creating your character and escape the dragon and all that jazz, you will run through Helgen and must chose to go with the imperial soldier or Ralof, choose Ralof. Once inside the keep you'll go through some dialogue with Ralof and two imperial soldiers will come in the room who you have to kill. Search the officer before Ralof to a key. Now that you have the key, Ralof will be stuck in the first room. Set the game difficulty to legendary and attack Ralof. His health will be extremely hard to lower and he never retaliates, so you can max out attack skills - provided you have the patience for it and want to jack your level up early on. After you get the results you want, you can leave the room and run through the keep without stopping and get all the guards to chase after you. Ralof will not catch up with you. You can let the guards attack you to raise heavy/light armor and if you picked up the shield you can train block, or just use a weapon. You can equip heal with a shield to train block as well as restoration.

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by treyskyrim

    Carry infinite items

    Anywhere with Companion

    Make your companion pick up items off the ground and they can carry as much as you want them to, surpassing their carrying capacity. You must make them pick up items off the ground in order for this to work

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Unlockables

  • PS3 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim trophies

    Trophy list

    Platinum Trophy (Platinum)
    Collect all other 50 Trophies for this Trophy

    Unbound (Bronze)
    Complete 'Unbound'

    Bleak Falls Barrow (Bronze)
    Complete 'Bleak Falls Barrow'

    The Way of the Voice (Bronze)
    Complete 'The Way of the Voice'

    Diplomatic Immunity (Bronze)
    Complete 'Diplomatic Immunity'

    Alduin's Wall (Bronze)
    Complete 'Alduin's Wall'

    Elder Knowledge (Bronze)
    Complete 'Elder Knowledge'

    The Fallen (Bronze)
    Complete 'The Fallen'

    Dragonslayer (Gold)
    Complete 'Dragonslayer'

    Take Up Arms (Bronze)
    Join the Companions

    Blood Oath (Bronze)
    Become a member of the Circle

    Glory of the Dead (Silver)
    Complete 'Glory of the Dead'

    Gatekeeper (Bronze)
    Join the College of Winterhold

    Revealing the Unseen (Bronze)
    Complete 'Revealing the Unseen'

    The Eye of Magnus (Silver)
    Complete 'The Eye of Magnus'

    Taking Care of Business (Bronze)
    Join the Thieves Guild

    Darkness Returns (Bronze)
    Complete 'Darkness Returns'

    One with the Shadows (Silver)
    Returned the Thieves Guild to its former glory

    With Friends Like These… (Bronze)
    Join the Dark Brotherhood

    Bound Until Death (Bronze)
    Complete 'Bound Until Death'

    Hail Sithis! (Silver)
    Complete 'Hail Sithis!'

    Taking Sides (Bronze)
    Join the Stormcloaks or the Imperial Army

    War Hero (Bronze)
    Capture Fort Sungard or Fort Greenwall

    Hero of Skyrim (Silver)
    Capture Solitude or Windhelm

    Sideways (Bronze)
    Complete 10 side quests

    Hero of the People (Bronze)
    Complete 50 Misc Objectives

    Hard Worker (Bronze)
    Chop wood, mine ore, and cook food

    Thief (Silver)
    Pick 50 locks and 50 pockets

    Snake Tongue (Bronze)
    Successfully persuade, bribe, and intimidate

    Blessed (Bronze)
    Select a Standing Stone blessing

    Standing Stones (Silver)
    Find 13 Standing Stones

    Citizen (Bronze)
    Buy a house

    Wanted (Bronze)
    Escape from jail

    Married (Bronze)
    Get married

    Artificer (Bronze)
    Make a smithed item, an enchanted item, and a potion

    Master Criminal (Bronze)
    Bounty of 1000 gold in all nine holds

    Golden Touch (Silver)
    Have 100,000 gold

    Delver (Silver)
    Clear 50 dungeons

    Skill Master (Silver)
    Get a skill to 100

    Explorer (Silver)
    Discover 100 Locations

    Reader (Bronze)
    Read 50 Skill Books

    Daedric Influence (Bronze)
    Acquire a Daedric Artifact

    Oblivion Walker (Silver)
    Collect 15 Daedric Artifacts

    Dragon Soul (Bronze)
    Absorb a dragon soul

    Dragon Hunter (Bronze)
    Absorb 20 dragon souls

    Words of Power (Bronze)
    Learn all three words of a shout

    Thu'um Master (Silver)
    Learn 20 shouts

    Apprentice (Bronze)
    Reach Level 5

    Adept (Bronze)
    Reach Level 10

    Expert (Bronze)
    Reach Level 25

    Master (Silver)
    Reach Level 50

  • Xbox 360, PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim achievements

    Achievement list

    Unbound (10 points)
    Complete "Unbound"

    Bleak Falls Barrow (10 points)
    Complete "Bleak Falls Barrow"

    The Way of the Voice (20 points)
    Complete "The Way of the Voice"

    Diplomatic Immunity (20 points)
    Complete "Diplomatic Immunity"

    Alduin's Wall (20 points)
    Complete "Alduin's Wall"

    Elder Knowledge (20 points)
    Complete "Elder Knowledge"

    The Fallen (20 points)
    Complete "The Fallen"

    Dragonslayer (50 points)
    Complete "Dragonslayer"

    Take Up Arms (10 points)
    Join the Companions

    Blood Oath (10 points)
    Become a member of the Circle

    Glory of the Dead (30 points)
    Complete "Glory of the Dead"

    Gatekeeper (10 points)
    Join the College of Winterhold

    Revealing the Unseen (10 points)
    Complete "Revealing the Unseen"

    The Eye of Magnus (30 points)
    Complete "The Eye of Magnus"

    Taking Care of Business (10 points)
    Join the Thieves Guild

    Darkness Returns (10 points)
    Complete "Darkness Returns"

    One with the Shadows (30 points)
    Returned the Thieves Guild to its former glory

    With Friends Like These… (10 points)
    Join the Dark Brotherhood

    Bound Until Death (10 points)
    Complete "Bound Until Death"

    Hail Sithis! (30 points)
    Complete "Hail Sithis!"

    Taking Sides (10 points)
    Join the Stormcloaks or the Imperial Army

    War Hero (10 points)
    Capture Fort Sungard or Fort Greenwall

    Hero of Skyrim (30 points)
    Capture Solitude or Windhelm

    Sideways (20 points)
    Complete 10 side quests

    Hero of the People (30 points)
    Complete 50 Misc Objectives

    Hard Worker (10 points)
    Chop wood, mine ore, and cook food

    Thief (30 points)
    Pick 50 locks and 50 pockets

    Snake Tongue (10 points)
    Successfully persuade, bribe, and intimidate

    Blessed (10 points)
    Select a Standing Stone blessing

    Standing Stones (30 points)
    Find 13 Standing Stones

    Citizen (10 points)
    Buy a house

    Wanted (10 points)
    Escape from jail

    Married (10 points)
    Get married

    Artificer (10 points)
    Make a smithed item, an enchanted item, and a potion

    Master Criminal (20 points)
    Bounty of 1000 gold in all nine holds

    Golden Touch (30 points)
    Have 100,000 gold

    Delver (40 points)
    Clear 50 dungeons

    Skill Master (40 points)
    Get a skill to 100

    Explorer (40 points)
    Discover 100 Locations

    Reader (20 points)
    Read 50 Skill Books

    Daedric Influence (10 points)
    Acquire a Daedric Artifact

    Oblivion Walker (30 points)
    Collect 15 Daedric Artifacts

    Dragon Soul (10 points)
    Absorb a dragon soul

    Dragon Hunter (20 points)
    Absorb 20 dragon souls

    Words of Power (10 points)
    Learn all three words of a shout

    Thu'um Master (40 points)
    Learn 20 shouts

    Apprentice (5 points)
    Reach Level 5

    Adept (10 points)
    Reach Level 10

    Expert (25 points)
    Reach Level 25

    Master (50 points)
    Reach Level 50

    Dawnguard DLC Achievements

    Awakening (20 points)
    Complete "Awakening"

    Beyond Death (20 points)
    Complete "Beyond Death"

    Kindred Judgement (40 points)
    Complete "Kindred Judgment"

    Lost to the Ages (30 points)
    Complete "Lost to the Ages"

    Soul Tear (20 points)
    Learn all three words of Soul Tear

    Auriel's Bow (20 points)
    Use the special power of Auriel's Bow

    Werewolf Mastered (20 points)
    Acquire 11 werewolf perks

    Vampire Mastered (20 points)
    Acquire 11 vampire perks

    A New You (20 points)
    Change your face

    Legend (40 points)
    Defeat a Legendary Dragon

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Strud

    Perk & ingot codes + command console cheats

    press the tild ` key

    Press the tild ` key to activate the console.

    TGM - god mode

    TCL - noclip, fly through walls, can only be used if you have not clicked on anything.

    player.setav - works with magicka, stamina, health as well.

    player.setlevel - 1 -100.

    tmm 1 - all map locations unlocked

    PSB - all spells, including ones you should not have, be warned this may crash your game so remember to SAVE FIRST.

    TFC - free flying camera.

    kill - kills selected target.

    resurrect - resurrects selected target, yes works with dragon but will not give you another dragon soul. it will give you more bones and scales.

    player.modav carryweight - set the limit of what you can carry.

    player.setav dragonsouls - gives selected amount of dragon souls, do not give yourself too many at once, it will crash your game, suggest doing it in groups of 3.

    player.modav speedmult - sets your run speed, suggest 20 or 30.

    player.additem - will post codes for ingots and such after this, if you want weapons look elsewhere sorry.

    help "input item name" 4. - will give you whatever it has on that, then use page up and page down to cycle through what it shows. NOTE: if looking for a code for anything with a space in its name you must put it in the little things "these things" otherwise it will not work.

    metal ingot codes, leather, leather strips. refined metals only, no need for ores.
    enter the codes like so (does not need arrows)
    player.additem - will give you 10 iron ingots(bars)


    iron - 5ace4

    steel - 5ace5

    silver - 5ace3

    gold - 5ad9e

    corundum - 5ad93

    orichalcum - 5ad99

    ebony - 5ad9d

    dwarven - db8a2

    quicksilver - 5ada0

    moonstone - 5ad9f

    malachite - 5ada1

    dragon scales - 3ada3

    dragon bones - 3ada4

    leather strips - 800e4

    leather - db5d2

    daedra heart - 3ad5b



    To use type

    player.addperk #####



    novice destruction - f2ca8

    apprentice destruction - c44bf

    adept destruction - c44c0

    expert destruction - c44c1

    master destruction - c44c2

    destruction dual casting - 153cf

    augmented flames - 581e7 - 10fcf8

    augmented frost - 581ea - 10fcf9

    augmented shock - 58200 - 10fcfa

    impact - 153d2

    rune master - 105f32

    deep freeze - f3933

    intense flames - f392e

    disintegrate - f3f0e



    novice restoration - f2caa

    apprentice restoration - c44c7

    adept restoration - c44c8

    expert restoration - c44c9

    master restoration - c44ca

    restoration dual casting - 153d1

    regeneration - 581f8

    recovery - 581f4 - 581f5

    avoid death - a3f54

    necromage - 581e4

    ward absorb - 68bcc



    nove alteration - f2ca6

    apprentice alteration - c44b7

    adept alteration - c44b8

    expert alteration - c44b9

    master alteration - c44ba

    atronach - 581f7

    stability - 581fc

    mage armor - d7999 - d799a - d799b

    magic resistance - 53128 - 53129 - 5312a

    alteration dual casting - 153cd



    novice illusion - f2ca9

    apprentice illusion - c44c3

    adept illusion - c44c4

    expert illusion - c44c5

    master illusion - c44c6

    animage - 581e1

    hypnotic gaze - 59b77

    kindred mage - 581e2

    aspect of terror - 59b78

    rage - c44b5

    quiet casting - 581fd

    master of the mind - 58b76



    novice conjuration - f2ca7

    aprrentice conjuration - c44bb

    adept conjuration - c44bc

    expert conjuration - c44bd

    master conjuration - c44be

    summoner - 105f30 - 105f31

    conjuration dual casting - 153ce

    mystic binding - 640b3

    atromancy - cb419

    necromancy - 581dd

    soul stealer - d799e

    oblivion binding - d799c

    elemental potency - cb41a

    dark souls - 581de

    twin souls - d5f1c



    Heavy armor:

    juggernaut - 7935e - 79361 - 79362 - 79374 - bcd2a

    fists of steel - 58f6e

    well fitted - 58f6f

    cushioned - bcd2b

    conditioning - 58f6d

    tower of strength - 58f6c

    matching set - 107832

    reflect blows - 105f33


    Light armor:

    agile defender - 79367 - 79389 - 79362 - 79374 - bcd2a

    custom fit - 51b1b

    unhindered - 51b1c

    wind walker - 105f22

    matching set - 51b17

    deft movement - 107831



    shield wall - 79355 - 79356 - 79357 - 79358 - bccae

    power bash - 58f67

    deflect arrows - d8c33

    quick reflexes - 58f68

    deadly bash - 5f594

    elemental protection - 58f69

    block runner - 106253

    disarming bash - 58f66

    shield charge - 58f6a



    One handed:

    armsman - 79342 - 79343 -79344 - 79345 - babe4

    fighting stance - 52d50

    dual flurry - 106256 - 106257

    hack and slash - 3fffa - c3678 - c3679

    bonebreaker - 5f592 - c1e92 - c1e93

    bladesman - 5f56f - c1e90 - c1e91

    critical charge - cb406

    savage strike - 3af81

    dual savagery - 106258

    paralyzing strike - 3afa6


    2 Handed:

    barbarian - 79346 - 79347 - 79348 - 79349 - 1ce16

    limbsplitter - c5c05 - c5c06 - c5c07

    deep wounds - 3af83 - c1e94 - c1e95

    skullcrusher - 3af84 - c1e96 - c1e97

    champion stance - 52d51

    great critcal charge - cb407

    devastating blow - 52d52

    sweep - 3af9e

    warmaster - 3afa7


    Marksman or Archery:

    overdraw - 7934a - 7934b - 7934d - 79354 - babed

    eagle eye - 58f61

    steady hand - 104ada - 103adb

    critical shot - 105f1c - 105f1e - 105f1f

    power shot - 58f62

    hunters discipline - 51b12

    ranger - 58f63

    quickshot - 105f19

    bullseye - 58f64




    stealth - be126 - c07c6 - co7c7 - co7c8 - coc79

    muffled movement - 58213

    backstab - 58210

    deadly aim - 1036f0

    assassin's blade - 58211

    light feet - 5820c

    silent roll - 105f23

    silence - 105f24

    shadow warrior - 58214



    light fingers - 18e6a - 18e6b - 18e6c - 18e6d - be124

    night thief - 58202

    poisoned - 105f28

    cutpurse - 58204

    extra pockets - 96590

    keymaster - d79a0

    misdirection - 58201

    perfect touch - 58205



    novice locks - f392a

    apprentice locks - be125

    adept locks - c3680

    expert locks - c3681

    master locks - c3682

    quick hands - 106259

    wax key - 107830

    golden touch - 5820a

    treasure hunter - 105f26

    locksmith - 58208

    unbreakable - 58209



    haggling - be128 - c07ce - c07cf - c07d0 - c07d1

    bribery - 58f72

    allure - 58f75

    merchant - 58f7a

    persuasion - 1090a2

    investor - 58f7b

    intimidation - 105f29

    fence - 58f79

    master trader - 1090a5




    alchemist - be127 - c07ca - co7cb - c07cc - c07cd

    physician - 58215

    poisoner - 58217

    benefactor - 58216

    conectrated poison - 105f2f

    experimenter - 58218 - 105f2a - 105f2b

    green thumb - 105f2e

    snakeblood - 105f2c

    purity - 5821d



    enchanter - bee97 - c367c - c367d - c367e - c367f

    fire enchanter - 58f80

    frost enchanter - 58f81

    storm enchanter - 58f82

    insightful enchanter - 58f7e

    corpus enchanter - 58f7d

    soul squeezer - 58f7c

    soul siphon - 108a44

    extra effect - 58f7f



    steel smithing - cb40d

    dwarven smithing - cb40e

    elven smithing - cb40f

    arcane smithing - 5218e

    orcish smithing - cb410

    ebony smithing - cb412

    glass smithing - cb411

    daedric smithing - cb413

    advanced smithing - cb414

    dragon armor - 52190


    That concludes the perks. YOU'RE WELCOME EVERYONE
    I'll say this again. If you need something and can't find the code for it type
    help "input item code" 4

    EXAMPLE: help "amulet of mara" 4
    It will give you the number for it.. which is.... c891b (the amulet of mara is needed to get married in the game)

    If you can't see what your after on the console then use page up and page down to scroll through it.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by decko

    Set level cheat


    press ~ then type "player.setav" then type what you want to upgrade and what level.
    example: player.setav lightarmor 1000

  • PC | Submitted by BigSyWood

    God mode, gold and unlocking cheats


    While playing the game, press tilde to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    God mode, infinite ammo, and infinite weight capacity = tgm
    Get indicated amount of Gold = player.additem 000000F [number]

    To unlock pretty much any door or chest etc... bring up the console click upon the door/chest... type UNLOCK then [Enter], this doesnt have to be caps.

    Hope this was helpful =)