The Division 2 Title Update 12 and Warlords of New York season 4 are live

The Division 2 just got a ton of new content with the long-awaited arrival of Title Update 12, which ushers in Season 4 of the Warlords of New York expansion on all platforms. Check out the story trailer for End of Watch above.

Your ultimate objective in Season 4 is to track down the twice-traitorous Faye Lau, who now leads Black Tusk in Bardon Schaeffer's stead along with her own cell of fellow Rogue SHD agents. But first, you'll need to find your first target, Viper, by completing various missions, control points, and bounties. 

Viper is available right at the start of the season, and as always for the first 15 levels and 7 days of the manhunt, you'll earn double XP for your efforts. If you manage to dispatch all four Lieutenants, Viper, Kestrel, Magnus, and Circe, you'll unlock Faye Lau as your Prime Target. Take down Faye and you'll earn a new unique Skill variant, the Achilles Pulse.

The rest of Season 4 will bring plenty of "Leagues, Global Events, Manhunt Targets, and more," while a new event will kick off each Tuesday. There's also 100 season levels, a new season pass you can get for 1000 Premium Credits ($10), and seasonal Manhunt targets.

Four new Leagues will be introduced in Season 4, along with new exclusive League rewards. Season 4 also introduces a new one-week Global Event, titled Golden Bullet, as well as SHD Exposed, Reanimated, and Hollywood from previous seasons. We're also getting two new Apparel events: Outguard, beginning on December 22, and Codename: Nightmare, beginning on February 2.

Big changes to The Summit are coming to Warlords of New York Season 4. The Challenges progression loop will have two categories, Tactical and Ascent, and earn players a variety of rewards including Milestone rewards for hitting a certain number of challenges. There's also new Commendations, guaranteed targeted loot rewards, and a new objective category and more variety for the existing objectives.

Title Update 12 is a huge update for The Division 2 players with the Warlords of New York expansion, but it's also got some new stuff for everyone else. All players can wear masks wherever they want instead of only in contaminated zones, inventory size is moving from 100 to 150, inventory management will allow players to filter mods, and the number of stored loadout slots have been increased by four to 16. Check out the complete list of updates with The Division 2 Title Update 12 here.

Here are some essential The Division 2 tips in case you're just starting out.

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