The Division 2 is getting more new content after all

The Division 2
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Ubisoft announced today that The Division 2 is getting more new content sometime in 2021, despite earlier plans to stop delivering updates after Title Update 12.

The beefy Title Update 12 launched in December, ushering in Season 4 of the Warlords of New York expansion and adding a ton of new stuff, particularly for players with the latest DLC. Most of us assumed that would be the last major content update for The Division 2, and how could you blame us? Developer Ubisoft Massive itself called Season 4 the "End of Watch" update, and since it seemed the studio had its hands full with its ambitious new Star Wars game, it was sure looking like The Division 2 was in its twilight years. But as it turns out, Ubisoft isn't quite ready to move on after all.

In a Twitter and Reddit statement, Massive confirmed that the plan was indeed to stop giving The Division 2 new content after Title Update 12, but that the studio had reversed course.

"Some of you had noticed that Title Update 12 was originally meant to be the last major Title Update for The Division 2," Ubisoft said on Twitter Friday afternoon. "but thanks to your continued support, we are now in the early stages of development for fresh content to release later in 2021. While it is still too early to go into more details today, you won't have to wait too long, as we will share more as soon as we can."

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As you can see, Massive really isn't giving us much to work with here. We know we're getting "additional content for The Division 2" and we know it's coming sometime this year, but otherwise things are pretty vague right now. Thankfully, it doesn't sound like it'll be a long wait before we hear more.

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