The Don't Breathe director is working on a Labyrinth sequel - yes, the David Bowie and muppets movie

Star Wars isn't the only Lucasfilm property getting some extra love and attention this month - The Hollywood Reporter claims that a new Labyrinth film that has been in the planning stages for some time now finally has a director: Fede Alvarez.

Alvarez doesn't have a particularly extensive resume, but each of his projects has garnered largely positive attention. He directed and co-wrote the Evil Dead remake, as well as the thriller Don't Breathe. 

Labyrinth was a box office bust, barely making half of its budget back in the US. However, it went on to become a cult favorite thanks to its magical atmosphere, tone, and visuals. The 1986 musical was produced by George Lucas, starred David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly, written by Monty Python's Terry Jones, and was the last film Jim Henson directed before his death in 1990.

Here are my concerns: First of all, that's a lot to live up to. Bowie + Lucas + Monty Python + Henson = high expectations. Second, while Labyrinth certainly had its darker, scarier moments, it's still overall a family film, and Alvarez's movies are decidedly not. And while this new Labyrinth movie is said to be a continuation rather than a remake or reboot, I think it still needs to feel spiritually similar to connect with fans. Still, count me curious to see where this goes.

But what about you? Are you down for a new Labyrinth movie?

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Sam Prell

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