The Dark Knight Talks

Despite putting nips on the bat costume, Chris Nolan’s vision of Batman really didn’t put a foot wrong. The director embellished an arrogant, brooding side of Bruce Wayne, tried to give a believable (well kinda) nuance to its elements, and went right back to the origins of the caped crusader, before he went through that odd Joel Schumacher camp period.

It seems that Nolan’s sequel to Batman Begins is shaping up quite nicely. Christian Bale clearly seems to enjoy jumping back into the Bat boots and getting stuck in with the stunt team again.

Bale's been out promoting his war drama Rescue Dawn and had this cryptic titbit to offer about his training as The Dark Knight.

"We were kind of untested before; they know that I know my right from my left. They know that when I walk, the arm swings the right way and everything so there’s a little more confidence in me about my ability to pick things up quickly.

We did start a while back in training which I believe is a mystery for what we are training for. I haven’t reprised a role ever before and so I know it already. We’ve got a great cast as well, and Chris Nolan and I work very well together so I know that we’re going to be finding an awful lot to add to it,” declared Bale.

Bale also believes that The Dark Knight will be a significant progression from Batman Begins.

The Dark Knight flaps onto UK cinema screen in July 2008.