The Dark Knight strikes again

Audiences just can’t get enough of The Dark Knight. The latest Batman film cruised to the top of the US box office chart once more in its second weekend, taking in $75.6 million from the three days alone, and handily crossing $300 million in just three days. You know what that means, folks? Yup… it’s broken another record. And Chris Nolan’s new Bat-pic is also edging out films like Indiana Jones and Iron Man to become the top-grossing movie to date.

That meant less easy pickings for other new films, but Step Brothers scored respectable business for Will Ferrell in second, nabbing $30 million, while Mamma Mia dropped just 35% to make $17.8 million in third. Sadly, new arrival The X-Files: I Want To Believe could only muster up $10.2 million for fourth. While it’s helped by a lower budget, if they want to make another one, it might have to be The Mystery Of Mulder’s Dying Houseplant. Rounding out the top five is Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, which just made its budget back, crossing the $60 million mark.

At sixth, Hancock seems happy to pull the punters in still, making just over $206 million so far, while Wall-E is headed for the $200 milestone in seventh. Eighth finds Hellboy II: The Golden Army faltering in the face of the Bat, but still managing to scrape up $4.9 million this weekend. Space Chimps dropped to ninth, with a disappointing total take of $16 so far.

And at the bottom of the top 10 sits Wanted, with $128 taken to date.