The AI apocalypse has started as robots from Gareth Edwards’ The Creator spotted loose in the world

The Creator
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The war against Artificial Intelligence has taken on a new form as the robots from Gareth Edwards’ upcoming movie The Creator have been spotted out and about. The intelligent beings are at the heart of the new sci-fi from the Rogue One director, which is set in a future where humans and AI are at war. 

The "robots" were spotted in the crowd of a Los Angeles Chargers American football game by some very confused spectators. They’re pretty hard to miss thanks to their headgear and grey boiler suits (which you’ll have seen in both the trailers and Total Film’s exclusive look at the upcoming movie).

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Sharing a video on Twitter, sports fan @HerbertSZN posted that he was sitting next to them and even shared a high-five with the performers. In another post, you can see that on the back of their football shirts, it reads "The Creator". There were four of them spread throughout the crowd too and in this video taken by @sportingtrib you can see that they later made their way onto the pitch.

The creepy campaign certainly had its desired effect too, with people finding the AI robots invading the game pretty chilling. One pointed out on Instagram that they were "observing much more than the game," speculating that they were studying the audience’s behavior. Meanwhile, another wrote: "I’m getting nervous of what’s to come." A third put it most simply: "We are fucked."

The Creator heads to theaters on September 29, 2023. For more on the new movie from Edwards himself, check out what he told us about using guerilla filmmaking techniques, why he took a break from directing after Rogue One, and our The Creator trailer breakdown chat with him.

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