The Clone Wars team discuss Ahsoka Tano's "potential" future in The Mandalorian season 2

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars is in its final season, and all eyes are on former Padawan Ahsoka Tano. Vanity Fair spoke to several people who played a part in her creation, and her potential role in The Mandalorian season 2

As we previously reported, Rosario Dawson was cast as Ahsoka Tano back in March, but we've heard little else about Dawson's upcoming role, or how Ahsoka will fit into Din Djarin and The Child's story. We technically haven't had any confirmation from Dawson or anyone associated with Disney Plus, either. When showrunner Dave Filoni, Ahsoka voice actor Ashley Eckstein, and others were asked about Ahsoka's role in season two, their answers were purposefully vague. We do know, however, that The Mandalorian takes place during the Star Wars Rebels timeline, so Ahsoka is much older than the woman we know from the Clone Wars. 

"It's exciting that people have been asking me for years, what about a live-action Ahsoka," Filoni responds. E.K. Johnston, author of the YA novel Ahsoka, just wants "to see her pick up baby Yoda because I want to see everybody pick up baby Yoda". Eckstein speaks from their heart about her connection to the character, hoping that whoever dons the Togruta head-tails "[realizes] how much Ahsoka means to people and that she’s more than just a character. She’s more than just a role. She’s more than just another story".

Just when it seems like we'll get nothing at all from Filoni and Co., the interview ends with a quote from the cowboy hat-wearing showrunner himself. "I’ve done way more Ahsoka stories than I ever thought I would," he says. "It seems to be an unstoppable force at this point. I think we just have to be careful and make sure the bar is high and always tell good stories and ones that are adding to the character’s depth and dimension. We’ll see. But it’s potential. Potential energy is always very exciting".

It's not anything solid by a long shot, but I'll accept "potential" for now.

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