Netflix cancels a series with a near-perfect Rotten Tomatoes score, and fans are devastated

The Brothers Sun
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Netflix has canceled The Brothers Sun after its first season. The move comes just months after the comedy-drama, led by Everything Everywhere All At Once’s Michelle Yeoh, was released in January 2024.

Deadline reports that the reason behind the decision is down to its failure to land with audiences. It lasted five weeks in Netflix’s top 10 peaking in the number two spot, but as the publication points out, it was a pretty modest showing for an original show.

Despite its lower ratings, the dark comedy was very well received, scoring an impressive Rotten Tomatoes score with both viewers and critics alike. Currently, it sits at a near-perfect 91% from audiences and a very decent 84% based on formal reviews. Interestingly too, this is one of Netflix’s highest scores from 2024 so far, sitting alongside the highly-rated One Day, A Killer Paradox, and House of Ninjas. 

The show follows a Taipei gangster (played by Justin Chien) as he navigates life as a ruthless killer. However, after his father is shot by an assassin, he uproots his life and moves to Los Angeles to protect his mother (Yeoh) and younger brother. 

Understandably, fans of the eight-part drama were pretty devastated too, taking to Twitter to share their disappointment. "Are you kidding me!? They canceled The Brothers Sun, it was so good, one of the best things I watched last year," tweeted one.

"Netflix really pissed me off canceling The Brothers Sun, they barely promoted that show and it was in the top 10 for a whole month," wrote another. "Michelle Yeoh is an Oscar winner, they should've given her and the cast better promotion, this is so unfair."

third pointed out: "Fascinating to think Breaking Bad largely found its audience through Netflix, but if it had started as a Netflix original, it probably would’ve been canceled after season 1. (The Brothers Sun is excellent, by the way)."

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