The Boys showrunner confirms that a missing character will play a big role in the future

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The Boys season 2 might have recently ended with a (head) bang, but showrunner Eric Kripke has already laid the foundations for future seasons.

Season 2 saw the eponymous team disband after they put Nazi-supervillain Stormfront down and thrust Vought’s wrongdoings into the spotlight. But they could have a bigger problem on their hands now, as Kripke revealed that a mysterious character only briefly gleamed at this past season will return.

Kripke has confirmed that an escapee from Vought’s Sage Grove hospital – that creepy asylum seen in episode 6 – will return to cause trouble for Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher and his supe-fighting squad. “Cindy's out there man, as dangerous as ever,” the showrunner said during a Q&A hosted by Twitter. 

If you don’t recognise that name, here’s a recap: the telekinetic Cindy was accidentally let loose during a fight between Frenchie and ex-member of the Seven, Lamplighter. Bad move, because Cindy then used her powers to free the other inmates and a bloody riot engulfed the facility. Cindy’s shown to have superhuman durability since she can withstand gunshots and even survive Stormfront’s lightning attacks. The mysterious supe was last seen hitchhiking away from Sage Grove, free from Vought’s clutches.

“When you're running a show it's just always smart to just plant little landmines everywhere that you can go back to and use and Cindy will return,” Kripke continued. “I'm not entirely sure when, but before this show is over you will see Cindy again.”

Kripke answered a whole host of fan questions on Twitter about the series and even teased how Billy will cope after the accidental death of his wife, Becca. The showrunner revealed that the violently entertaining anti-hero will struggle with “two sides” of his personality, but Butcher will still keep in touch with Becca’s son, Ryan.

“Ryan will continue to be in the story in season three, actually. He kind of represents all that's good about Butcher and Butcher keeps tabs on him and they definitely interact, and it's kind of sweet. But Butcher obviously has crazy amounts of rage about what happened to Becca and still hates Homelander, so trying to balance those two sides of his personality is sort of the big struggle for him in season three.”

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