The Boys showrunner wants to do a musical episode

Kimiko and Frenchie in The Boys
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Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Boys season 3, episode 5.

One of the most charming moments of The Boys season 3 so far is Kimiko and Frenchie’s dream musical number. In episode 5, while the former is recovering in hospital from the Russian lab explosion, she and Frenchie are watching the 1943 classic Girl Crazy. She then imagines they are performing the song 'I Got Rhythm' through the corridors of the hospital as the pair dance and sing along with the other patients.

Total Film spoke to series showrunner Eric Kripke about the adorable sequence ahead of the latest series airing, and if he’d like a whole musical episode of the show. "That would be my dream," he answers. "Maybe out of this interview, Amazon will read that and let me do it."

Kripke went on to explain how the opportunity came up to bring a small slice of this into The Boys season 3. "I'm a huge fan of classic Hollywood musicals, I love them," he explains. "People always laugh when they find out because the stuff I make is sort of gory, but really, for most filmmakers, like the stuff you make and the stuff you watch are two very different things. And I just love them."

Kripke continues, "They're just these beautiful stylized images of this alternate reality and so I have always wanted to do a full-on musical episode, like a full-on song and dance top to bottom. But I've never quite found the story means to do it. So but at the very least an opportunity came up to have one really big number and so I couldn't resist."

Actors Capone and Fukuhara also opened up about how it was a lot of fun to create – as well as a lot of work. "It was one of the most fun days I had," the Frenchie star told us. "But the way to get to the most fun day I ever had was tough. We ground like the hell out of each other in terms of just rehearsing, playing with it, giving ideas, doing everything we can for it to be a number."

The sequence required so much rehearsal that they had to keep practicing whenever they had the chance. This even meant grabbing a run-through during Starlight actor Erin Moriarty’s birthday. Fukuhara added: "It was fun rehearsing. I feel like rehearsing with anything or spending time with someone working on something, bonds you as well. And having that experience and putting in the time and work together bonded us in another way. And that also like fuel to characters as well."

There’s no word on if we’ll get any more musical numbers going forward yet, but the stars have been teasing what will happen next as the show tackles the Herogasm storyline in episode 6. Check out our guide to The Boys season 3 release schedule to make sure you don’t miss any of Prime Video’s superhero show as it heads into its final episodes.

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