The Boys actor Chace Crawford talks about the Deep's trippy season 2 scene

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The Boys are back in town – and the show's even trippier this time around. Quite literally. And we spoke to Chace Crawford about the scene that has everyone talking.

Warning: there are spoilers for The Boys season 2, episode 2 ahead. Head over to Amazon and watch that bad boy now!

The Boys season 2

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Still here? Then you have witnessed The Deep taking hallucinogenics and talking to the one thing that's given him huge self-esteem issues: his gills. Voicing his fishy bits is the great Patton Oswalt, who we knew would be appearing on the show – but could never have guessed this was how.

Sitting down for a roundtable interview at which GamesRadar+ was present, Crawford spoke about filming the bizarre scene. "They told me that they’d gotten [Patton] for that," he said. "But he hadn’t recorded his stuff yet, so I think the director was reading – or someone was just reading – the lines.

"I was prepared for that mentally, so I worked on it. It was weird. It was bizarre. It was a really interesting exercise in acting. The only thing is, we didn’t shoot it in order. We didn’t shoot that scene when we were shooting that episode. And so, it was kind of hanging over my head for like the first half of the year.

"I was like, 'When are they going to drop that on me?' They did drop it on me at the last minute for second unit, and it was almost freeing that they did that, because I had to just jump in and do it. Luckily, it worked out, because it was a little bit of a smaller crew. And we had all day to do it. There wasn’t any other scene in front or behind breathing down our neck as we shot it. So we got to take our time with it, which was really nice.

"They did have a guy there who was like a singer. He was singing. He was the only one that was singing the actual gills part, because we had to meld our voices. So it was really bizarre in between takes. I was like, 'Am I in key, man? Let’s rehearse it real quick.' So he was trying to keep me in key, and it was all sorts weird. I wanted to make it heart-breaking and vulnerable as well. I think, after seeing it, for better or worse, it worked out. It was definitely one of the stranger things I’ve ever had to do."

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