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The best of CheatPlanet May 10th-14th

CheatPlanet’s got enough content to choke a horse this week (No offense Buttercup (opens in new tab)) , including a multiplayer guide for the Halo: Reach Beta, a big ol' guide for 3D Dot Game Heroes Collectibles and even more Monster Hunter Tri info. So whether you’re into murdering space marines, pounding pixels, or bashing beasties, we’ve got you covered.

Halo: Reach Beta

Tired of getting teabagged? Bored of getting blasted by Banshees? This Halo: Reach multiplayer guide (opens in new tab) will help prime you for the battlefield so you’ll stand a chance against the rabid hordes of obnoxious 13 year old space marines.

3D Dot Game Heroes

3D Dot Game Heroes harkens back to ye olde days of the 90s, whence gamers searched pon yon hither horizonne fore many a hearte piece doth to acquire. Our patented Apple Shard, Magic Up and Small Block guide (opens in new tab) is guaranteed to make your hero, stronger, bigger, faster, and have a thicker, fuller head of hair! Order now!

Monster Hunter Tri

Everyone loves Monster Hunter! Except maybe PETA. Okay, definitely not PETA. We’ve updated the monster guide with item drops for each monster (opens in new tab) in addition to adding some new enemies, so tracking down quest items and new gear should be significantly easier.

Lost Planet 2

We’ve also posted the latest unlockable weapons and character skins (opens in new tab) for Lost Planet 2, giving you the downlow on how to don your shades and play as Wesker in the game. Much like the old Psycho Mantis trick from MGS2, you’ll need some save files to get the secrets!

May 14th, 2010

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