Red Dead Redemption promotes the subjugation of horses

Today, new screenshots for Red Dead Redemption were released. At first glance, it looks like Rockstar Games is trying to reach out to its hardcore horse fan base by releasing sizzling screenshots of sexy beasts. I mean, just look at the sweaty haunches on that American Salerno. That mare’s just asking for someone to take her for a long ride, if you know what I mean. Do you know what I mean? Anyhow, take a closer look at these new Red Dead Redemption images; it seems that there’s something more insidious about these seemingly innocent game assets.

Above: We’ve seen how glamour shots of human girls in bikinis worked on weak minded young men whenTecmo was promotingDead or Alive: Paradise. But is there more to these shots of hot horses looking all hot and bothered?

Above: Here we see a fine black beauty subjugated by a stranger. She was once a free creature, but will soon be serving some douche bag in a hat for the rest of her years. Does that seem right to you?

Above: Another grotesquely detailed image of an innocent mare coerced into submitting herself to the will of her future non-horse master

Above: When will the violence end? Here’s even more anti-horse hate mongering that further romanticizes the enslavement of a free being

Above: These horses are dudes, so this image doesn’t bother us as much. How do I know they’re not maiden mares in distress? Trust me. I’m a horse

Above: A horse has about 50 times more muscle in its rear-right calf than the average human gamer has in his entire body - and yet the average human male can’t walk 10 miles without getting a blister. Does this seem fair?

We contacted Rockstar Games to see if anyone would be willing to help us put these graphic images depicting horse bondage into context, but our calls were not returned.

May 11, 2010

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