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The Avengers cast talk Marvel sequel plans


Avengers Assemble blasted into cinemas this weekend in several territories around the world, claiming a not inconsiderable chunk of box office change ($178.4m internationally). And there are going to be plenty of excitable fans clamouring for an Avengers sequel…

So when we hit up the recent UK press conference, we naturally took the opportunity to ask the film’s stars, including Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth, about their plans for future follow-ups.

Here’s what we found out…

You’re not in the third Iron Man ?

Scarlett Johansson: “No. I know they have Iron Man 3 , and then they’re going to roll out Thor 2 and Cap 2 . I don’t know how far the process is for either of those. But we talk to Kevin [ Feige ] about that stuff.”

But you’re not cameoing in either of those?

Jeremy Renner: “Not that I’m aware of.”

Johansson: “I’m not sure. But there is always the possibility. But even if there was a possibility, we would never tell you!”

Clark Gregg also chatted about possible future appearances of Agent Coulson. Naturally he kept it cryptic, although he did hint that he might possibly be working with Marvel in a writer-director capacity in the future…

You are rumoured to be attached to [ the Nick Fury movie ]. What can you say about that?

Clark Gregg: “I’ve learned not to guess on Marvel. All I know is I look forward to seeing the future of the Marvel universe and I have reasons to believe that it may be something I re-appear in – whether it’s as a writer, or a director or perhaps even an actor.”

Where do you think Avengers will head to now?

Gregg: “I think it’s quite a task. The pressure on Joss was, this film had to top the others. I don’t know if anyone was prepared how much it would explosively - in terms of its epic scope - do that. I have a feeling that what will come next won’t try to do that. It will be taking some of these characters in very different directions. Those of us who have followed these comics for years, we saw a lot of things in Avengers that suggest new directions – that these might be going to, whether it’s leading towards Avengers 2 or perhaps splitting in two directions.”

Have you broached writing and directing with Kevin Feige?

Gregg: “They’ve been very kind; I was making Choke while I was making Iron Man . They’re very filmmaker friendly. There’s very little to suggest in the little Sundance movies I make that I’m ready to step into a giant superhero epic but they know that I’ve written some movies that have been made and have been interested in conversing with me about what might be a way for me to work with them again.”

Have they offered you any of the shorts that you appeared in?

Gregg: “Erm…I’m always so scared about talking about this stuff! I feel like I could evaporate at any moment if I reveal stuff! The shorts seem like a logical place to start but I have a feeling if I was to make a short, I’d be wanting to make the fanciest one – like The Avengers short, the culminating one.”

So could Gregg be assembling the post-credits sting for The Avengers ? Let the speculation begin!

Avengers Assemble is in cinemas now, unless you’re reading this from the US, in which case you’ll be able to catch the film in a multiplex from 4 May.

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