The adorable otter from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 trailer is named Lylla - and she's Rocket's one true love

Lady Lylla in the MCU
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The first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is here, and it's got plenty of eye candy for fans of the beloved Marvel Studios sci-fi franchise. But it's Rocket (don't call him a raccoon) who takes the spotlight through a good chunk of the trailer, including a particularly ominous monologue intercut with scenes of Peter Quill screaming.

But one bright spot among what looks to be a variety of hard times to come for Rocket is a tender moment with another anthropomorphic woodland critter: an otter, who Rocket embraces in a hug.

Guess what.

That otter (we're guessing we shouldn't call her that) has a name - Lylla - and in comics, she's Rocket's soulmate. Well.. sorta.

Lylla is a Marvel Comics character who actually goes all the way back to Rocket's earliest appearance in 1982's Incredible Hulk #271, and his subsequent solo series which depicted Rocket more as a straightforward space swashbuckler than as the irascible space pirate he became in later comics appearances.

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In those stories, Lady Lylla is the heir to a massive intergalactic toy company and its accompanying empire on the planet Halfworld, a planet occupied entirely by anthropomorphic animals kinda like the one seen in the trailer - and she's also Rocket's one true love. 

In fact, at the end of the original Rocket Raccoon series, Rocket and Lylla retire together to a new life away from swashbuckling space adventures.

Except… it wasn't all happily ever after.

Rocket and Lylla parted ways at some point before he met up with his big buddy Groot and joined the Guardians of the Galaxy. And in 2010's Annihilators #4, Rocket and Lylla reunite, only for Rocket to discover she's now married to an anthropomorphic rabbit named Blackjack O'Hare (a nod to the cartoon and comic book character Bucky O'Hare). Rocket gives Jack and Lylla his blessing, and jets off into space with Groot.

If you've played the Guardians of the Galaxy video game, you know there's a moment between Rocket and Lylla in that game as well - so you may have gotten a bit of a preview into their relationship.

From what we can see in the trailer, it looks like the moment Rocket and Lylla share in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 also comes off as something of a reunion, so there could be an element of their past relationship at play when she comes to the MCU when the film releases on May 5.

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