Temtem Early Access is being patched to reduce wait times and crashes

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The Pokemon-like MMO called Temtem had a rough launch into Steam Early Access Tuesday, but developer CremaGames is hard at work improving performance. The official Temtem Twitter account was keeping the community updated on known issues and fixes late into the night on Tuesday. The latest update says lag issues have mostly been resolved, but that there's still work to be done fixing bugs and increasing server capacity.

Our friends at PC Gamer reported a 14,000-strong queue and frequent server disconnects from launch. Tyler Wilde found a lot to love in Temtem's world, but noted a number of performance roadblocks that inhibited its charm. Luckily, when Wilde updated his report later Tuesday evening, he found a massive improvement in wait times, disconnects, and overall performance.

As mentioned earlier, studio CremaGames has identified a laundry list of issues they mostly chalk up to server overload. One tweet reads, "Zadar is a small village, it's not ready to receive 20k new tamers. Aina can't cope greeting you all!" Elsewhere, CremaGames acknowledged and committed to fixing issues including lag spikes, wait times, players being soft-locked in co-op battles, and players losing Tems after server restarts.

It isn't clear that every one of those issues has been sorted through updates, but it sounds like servers are running smoothly enough that you should be able to jump in without experiencing an unreasonable queue, lag, and disconnects.

Here's hoping Temtem is able to land on two feet after a fairly turbulent launch, as it sounds like a potential home run for fans of monster-collectors and MMOs. Writing for GamesRadar, Alistair Jones called Temtem a "loving and respectful reinterpretation of a classic" and "one which is just as prepared to ask questions of its inspiration as it is to imitate it."

If you're planning on starting Temtem now that things seem to be stabilizing, here are the best Temtem starters and their strengths.

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