Talk to Me directors have already written scenes for a sequel

Sophie Wilde as Mia in Talk to Me
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Talk to Me hasn't even been released yet, but directing duo Danny Philippou and Michael Philippou are already thinking about a sequel. In fact, the former has even penned a few scenes for a follow-up already with his partner Bill Hinzman.

Starring Sophie Wilde, Alexandra Jensen, and Miranda Otto, the new horror – which was picked up by A24 and Altitude Films following its buzzy premiere at this year's Sundance Film Festival – puts a cool viral spin on possession. It centers on Mia, a grief-stricken 17 year old who gets in over her head when she gets involved with a bunch of séance-addicted youngsters. With the help of a mysterious embalmed hand, the group take it in turns to open their bodies up to whichever spirit lurks nearby. But not every ghoulie is benevolent – or happy to go back to the afterlife once their 90-second visit is over.

"When we were writing the first film, we couldn't help but write scenes for a sequel as well," Danny told GamesRadar+. "Our bible on the movie is so extensive. We've got this massive mythology bible where we broke down every single spirit that the kids connected with, every single rule, every single part of the hand, and the history behind it. So I think there's so much to explore. 

"I'd be so excited about the idea of doing a sequel, and there's a hundred different directions that you could take it. So yeah, oh my gosh, it would be so cool to do a sequel. I'd love that opportunity."

Given the glowing reception to the movie since it started screening for critics back in January, a sequel certainly seems possible. When we ask about the overwhelmingly positive reactions, the Philippous, who made a name for themselves making horror-comedy flicks on YouTube, admit it feels "surreal, dream-like" and well, downright "weird". 

"Our biggest fear, when we were making the film, was what the Rotten Tomatoes score would be," Michael laughs, encapsulating the downside of being an incredibly online filmmaker. "I judge films, whether I should or not, off of Rotten Tomatoes sometimes, so I was just terrified of it getting a negative reaction. Some of my favorite films are rotten. But yeah, this is our film, I was like, 'Please be fresh!'" At 97%, we think they're in the clear...

Talk to Me releases in UK and US cinemas on July 28. For more, check out our list of the most exciting upcoming horror movies heading our way.

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