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Take Me Home Tonight trailer brings 80s goodness

Take Me Home Tonight

The first trailer for ‘80s-set comedy Take Me Home Tonight has debuted online.

Pumped full of ‘80s music, it’s a retro slacker misadventure that follows three friends who attend a wild party thrown in celebration of their last night of youthdom.

Topher Grace plays graduate Matt, who is working in a video store and has no idea what to do with his life. Then he meets old high school crush Tori (Teresa Palmer), who invites him, his twin sister Wendy (Anna Faris) and friend Barry (Dan Fogler) to the party to end all parties.

Check out the trailer below…

Garden State meets Superbad ? Director Michael Dowse certainly seems to be aiming for that sort of feeling, as one pivotal night results in madness and life-changing events.

If nothing, it’s a welcome continuation of Hollywood’s obsession with the era that time forgot, with this year’s Hot Tub Time Machine another ‘80s-set comedy that rode its nostalgia with style.

Take Me Home Tonight has yet to receive a UK release date.