Tabula Rasa - closed beta news

Exobiologist: The Exobiologist specializes in alien biology, and uses knowledge of anatomy coupled with the power of Logos to great effect. This class creates biological pets that other players can use. Additionally, the Exobiologist can gain some degree of mind control over creatures to calm them down or turn them against each other. Advanced knowledge of biochemistry lends itself to particularly deadly Logos-based attacks.

You will begin as a specialist, and advance to the rank of a Biotechnician before being accepted into the Exobiology Corps.

Reanimation Wave: When activated, reanimates all nearby enemy corpses for a time.

Hortimonculus: Using nucleotides and a corpse, the Exobiologist creates a stationary healing plant that also grants a bonus resistance to varying damage types.

Reanimation: An Exobiologist can reanimate a corpse using micromechanics and Logos. These raised creatures will fight mindlessly for the Exobiologist and their Squad until their energies imparted to them are exhausted.

Create Clone: Advanced knowledge of anatomy allows an Exobiologist to use micromechanics and Logos powers to create an imperfect clone of himself to fight alongside him on the battlefield.