Tabula Rasa - closed beta news

Medic: The Medic is an expert of microbiology and organic chemistry. They use this knowledge to heal and even resurrect allies, and inflict disease and death on the enemy. They are able to spread microorganisms across the battlefield for constructive and destructive purposes. Any squad looking for a military expert who can control the flow of battle through biochemical warfare should enlist a Medic.

Resuscitate: Post-mortem first-aid repairs some damage to an ally’s corpse and restores life on the battlefield. Avoids temporary attribute loss from resuscitation trauma.

Insanity: Disorient a biological target’s mind in such a way that it begins attacking its own allies. The ability level determines the duration of the insanity and the maximum distance between the target and any of its allies it might target.

Leech: Place an effect on a target such that anyone damaging the target will regain health and power based on the attack damage done.

Immunity: Grant self or target temporary immunity to a certain type of damage.

Expect more news from behind the frontlines in Tabula Rasa’s closed beta, including detailed first-impressions on the game’s unique combat system that works like a first-person shooter/MMO hybrid. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and visit the Images and Movies tab above for an advanced look at this futuristic MMORPG.