Get hundreds of MTG Bloomburrow cards for their lowest ever price

A Play Booster Box for MTG Bloomburrow on a wooden table strewn with natural materials
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A bright-eyed MTG Bloomburrow deal just scurried out from the undergrowth, checked that the coast was clear, and dropped a massive discount at our feet.

You can currently grab the Play Booster Box for what I think might be its lowest ever price, nabbing you 36 packs for a fraction of what they'd normally cost. Because that offer includes 504 MTG Bloomburrow cards overall, it kicks all kinds of butt in the 'bang for buck' department. To be precise, it's currently $143.99 at Amazon instead of $170. As for the UK, it's £137.99 at Zavvi rather than £195.

With any luck, this is a sign of what's to come for this month's Prime Day board game deals. MTG traditionally enjoys hefty savings during the sale, so it's well worth keeping an eye out for any more (on MTG Bloomburrow or previous sets) as July ticks onward. 

MTG Bloomburrow Play Booster Box | $169.99$143.99 at Amazon
Save $26 - UK price: £194.99£137.99 at ZavviBuy it if:
Don't buy it if:
❌ Price check:

MTG Bloomburrow Play Booster Box | $169.99 $143.99 at Amazon
Save $26 - MTG's most adorable set may not be out yet, but it's already getting some tasty discounts like this one. Actually, I don't think the booster box has been cheaper at Amazon... or at least, not by much. In theory, this usually retails for $174.99 as well, so you're potentially saving $30 here rather than just $26.

UK price: £194.99 £137.99 at Zavvi

Buy it if:
✅ You want to build your own decks
✅ You want as many cards as possible

Don't buy it if:
You're not sold on Bloomburrow yet

Price check:
Best Buy | $174.99
💲 Walmart | $151.63

Should you buy the MTG Bloomburrow Play Booster Box?

MTG Bloomburrow Play Boosters on a wooden table, surrounded by forest flora

(Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

It goes without saying that your mileage with this enormous Play Booster Box will vary. If you're all in on MTG Bloomburrow and want to make/upgrade your own decks, it's a no-brainer. Similarly, competitive players who take the best card games to tournaments need look no further. Because you receive more than 500 cards with this bundle, it's the most cost-effective way of grabbing cards en-masse... or getting multiples of existing cards, if you're building a Standard deck.

However, anyone that would prefer a pre-built deck or isn't sure how to construct an optimal deck in the first place should steer clear. While the value here remains undeniable, folks in that boat would be better served by picking up one of the pre-constructed Commander decks or the set bundle/individual boosters so they can test the water. 

As for Bloomburrow in general, it really comes down to whether you want A) cutesy animals going on adventure, B) Redwall/Mouseguard-esque stories, C) a new world to lose yourself in. I tick all of the boxes above, so am 100% in on MTG's new set. Nevertheless, I'm not going to pick up this deal myself. I tend to play Commander in person or MTG Arena online, so will be looking out for offers on the precons instead as this month's Prime Day gaming deals get underway. If you only occasional dip a toe into Magic: The Gathering, I'd suggest doing something similar.

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