Syndicate achievement and trophy guide

Top Marks


Achieve a perfect result in all the Tutorial challenges

Once you’ve played them during the campaign, the tutorial challenges can be accessed at any time via chapter select. The simulation will tell you what is required for a perfect score; we’ll show you how it’s done.



Get the rampage bonus up to 5 sequential kills

Chances are you’ll unlock this naturally during the campaign. If you want to make it easier, purchase the “Killing Spree” chip upgrade which doubles the rampage timer.

 Welcome to EuroCorp


Complete Wakeup Call

Wakeup Call is the game’s first Milestone (or chapter). Simply complete it unlock this achievement.

 Wetware Integrity Policy


Don’t kill any EuroCorp civilians with the minigun in chapter 8

Make sure to hold down the left trigger while you have the minigun equipped to keep it spinning. This allows you to fire instantaneously, and reduces to odds of you mowing down any innocents. Also, short bursts is the name of the game here. If you just wait for the civilians to clear out before going nuts this can be an easy 20g/bronze.

 With Friends Like These


Kill an enemy from the explosion of a reactive armor unit

A reactive armor unit will first show up in Milestone 8 weilding a minigun. This guy will explode when you breach him for the third time, so make he’s close to one of his henchmen before finishing the job. The blast radius is very small, so be patient. As you can see in the video, things can get glitchy during this fight. Still, we brought things to a proper close in case you’re not so lucky.