Syndicate achievement and trophy guide

Little Black Book


Find all business cards (unlock all the business card infobank entries)

We have a separate guide for finding business cards and propaganda tags. Check it out here.

 Mace Ace


Save a team member that is stunned by an electron mace

(CO-OP) The electron maces first show up during the Colorado co-op mission. The stronger enemies carry them. All you have to do it take out one of these enemies while they are using the mace (which holds a person in place) on your teammate to unlock this achievement.

 Make It Snappy


Kill 50 enemies with melee executions

If you want to knock this out quickly, invest in the Executioner chip upgrade as soon as possible. This allows you to run around hostile areas taking foes out without having to worry as much about health, since every melee kill will heal you.

 Make Them Watch


Kill Agent Crane before you kill his two sidekicks, on normal or hard difficulty

Since Crane’s sidekicks have a tendency to jump in front of him, there are only two feasible ways to do this. The first is to use a Gauss Rifle (if you have one), which will allow you lock on to only Crane. You still have to exercise some discretion though, as even though your bullets will seek Crane out, the henchman can still get in the way.

The other way is to run to the left wall in front of you, flip on Overlay, and go nuts with the shotgun when Crane pops out of his spawning area. The Overlay should slow things down enough for you to take Crane down before your energy runs out, assuming you are close enough. Just don’t get too close; Crane has a nasty melee attack.



Unlock the Datacore in the minimum number of breaches

The minimum number of breaches is two, but the only way to be quick enough to pull that off is by using your DART Overlay. Flip it on, breach the left side, and then quickly breach the right.

 Middle Management


50% completion (level, research, and challenges)

(CO-OP) This only applies to completion of the co-op portion. You can check your overall progress in the agent menu. You can check your challenge progress (and what you need to do to complete each one) in the contracts and challenges sub-menu. The level cap is currently 30. There’s no quick way to do this, but it’s important to always have any uncompleted challenges in mind and always have something being researched. In time, this achievement will unlock.

 Missile Command


Breach an entire barrage of five missiles in the Ramon boss fight, on normal or hard difficulty

The trick here is to put the full distance of the room between Ramon and yourself. When his laser target turns blue, he’s readying a volley of missiles. Wait for him to cock his gun, then turn on your DART Overlay. This slows down time, allowing you to breach all five missiles - assuming you’re far enough away.

 Nowhere to hide


Use a penetration weapon to kill 500 enemies through cover, while in DART Overlay

The most common penetration weapons are the Kunasagi ACR-10 assault rifle on secondary fire mode and the Kunasagi HSR-6 sniper rifle. One of the easiest places to do this is the first chapter, though replaying enough to get this achievement would be excruciating. As long as you keep this challenge in mind, you’ll have plenty of opportunities during the campaign and co-op. Remember that the sniper rifle can penetrate more than just one layer of cover. You’ll be amazed what you can shoot through! Check your progress by viewing player statistics from the ‘extras’ sub menu.

 Oh no you don’t!


Complete 10 Contracts against members of your syndicate

(CO-OP) Contracts don’t even appear unless people on your friends list play co-op or you belong to a Syndicate with more members than just yourself. If either of these criteria are met, your friends will automatically create contracts for you by performing better than you. Check the contracts and challenges sub-menu to see if there are any contracts available.