Syndicate achievement and trophy guide

Highly Adaptable


Kill 4 enemies in 4 different ways within 1 minute

Not difficult at all, so long as you have a decent opportunity. You’ll always have at least 3 ways to kill an enemy: melee, primary weapon, and secondary weapon. If you’re in the campaign, you’ll have suicide for a guaranteed kill or breach if the enemy is already weakened. Then there’s grenades and weapon pickups from downed enemies. If you’d like to manufacture the perfect scenario, create a private co-op game. Your character will start with grenades, guaranteeing four methods of murder. Just rush the first group of enemies you see. Use of the defensive build’s shields will help if you’re having any trouble.

 High Flyer


Score a 2,000 points combo

(CO-OP) The key to this achievement lies in playing on expert. Every action is worth an incredible amount of points, meaning you’ll often end missions at 20,000+ points. Chain some actions together (heal, headshots, reboots, etc.) and you’ll have this in no time.

 High Value Asset


Complete all Co-Op maps on expert difficulty

(CO-OP) While there’s not much we can say to help you here besides “be awesome at games,” we would like to remind everyone that you have to beat a mission at least once before expert mode becomes available. There, we helped.

 Hostile Takeover


Defeat an enemy agent squad

(CO-OP) The first time you run into an enemy agent squad will be at the end of Atlantic Accelerator, the third co-op mission. While you don’t have to personally kill the entire squad, you do have to kill at least one agent yourself and complete the mission.

 Hurt Locker


Breach 873 grenades

That’s a lot of grenades. This certainly won’t unlock during your first playthrough naturally. If you’re looking to game the system a bit, just wait until you are in one of the later level’s larger firefights and stay in cover. Enemies will toss plenty of grenades your way; simply turn towards them and breach. This requires no energy and is relatively easy: just look out for the grenade icon, which tells you where the explosive landed. Check your progress by viewing player statistics from the ‘extras’ sub menu.

 In the name of Science


Finish your first research

(CO-OP) All you need to do is go to the weapon research sub menu of the agent menu in co-op mode, select a weapon, unlock the research with tokens (which you get for completing missions), select it for research, then continue playing. As you go through co-op missions, ‘research’ is done automatically.

 Initial Public Offering


Be a member of a Syndicate consisting of at least 4 people

(CO-OP) You can either invite free agents into your own syndicate, or become a free agent and wait to be invited yourself. If you have three other friends on your friends list who play Syndicate, this should be no problem.

 Initiation Complete


Complete all Co-Op maps on any difficulty

(CO-OP) On normal, this is not a difficult task, assuming you are always with three other players. You’ll need to complete a mission before the next one unlocks. You can also gain access to locked missions by joining a game in which the host has chosen one.

 Linked In


Obtain a health bonus from network connection links from your upgrade choices (single player only)

The first chance you get to upgrade during the campaign, you’ll have two points to spend. Just unlock two adjacent skills for an easy 5g.