Syndicate achievement and trophy guide



Do 250 rampage kills/kill streaks

A rampage kill is earned if you kill an enemy within three seconds of another. If you have the “Killing Spree” chip upgrade, the time window doubles to six seconds. This achievement should come naturally over time, especially with the above mentioned chip upgrade. You’ll have a lot of opportunities for successive kills during co-op, and even more so if you only play with one other player. Check your progress by viewing player statistics from the ‘extras’ sub menu.

 Revival Meeting


Defeat the final boss without allowing any agent to be revived, on normal or hard difficulty

You don’t actually have to defeat the final boss for this to unlock, just the two agents. There a few different ways to do this, but we recommend the following: begin the battle by shooting Merit. This causes him to temporarily leave the picture, allowing you to focus on the agents. Only target one of them for now, using breach to deactivate her armor. If you’re carrying the Gauss Rifle from the previous chapter, this battle is a lot easier. We purposely didn’t use one in the video to show how this is done with the default loadout.

The DART Overlay will help you rush the enemy very quickly after you’ve breached the shields, and keeping Merit down means you’ll have one less enemy shooting at you. Once the first agent falls, run up and execute her. If you weren’t quick enough, Merit will be back, and he’ll resurrect his ally, so make sure he’s gone before you put the agent in the knockdown state. Rinse and repeat with the second agent.

 See No Evil


Defeat Kris without making him visible using EMP or DART Overlay, on normal or hard difficulty

The rules are laid out for you in the description. Watch out for the EMP mines already deployed; if you set one off and Kris gets caught in the blast, it’s all over. The simplest method is to run left into the kitchen and wait in the corner, facing the direction of the room’s entrance (see screen above). Kris will only fire from this heading, and will reveal himself momentarily whenever he does. Keep on him until his health is half gone.

After the short scene, all of the EMP mines will be deactivated and Kris will no longer fire at you. Simply chase him around and finish the job. He’s often semi-visible during this portion of the fight, and if you happen to lose him, listen for his voice or footsteps.

 Shield Breaker


Successfully sprint tackle 25 riot shield units

To sprint tackle, hold down sprint and simply run into an enemy. If done on shielded units, they’ll drop their shields. As long as you make it a priority to take out all shield units you see in this manner, the achievement should be no sweat. The China co-op mission features a fair number of these guys if you need to boost.



Kill 3 or more enemies from the electricity discharge of a dying electro armor unit

Electro armor units first appear in Milestone 17, though a decent opportunity to earn this achievement won’t appear until Milestone 19. The trick is to bring the unit to within an inch of death as quickly as possible then wait for at least three normal enemies to come near before finishing the job.

Load up Milestone 19 and reach the large outside area where waves of enemies are constantly attacking. One of the waves will come from a small garage along the right wall and contain an electro armor unit. Quickly turn on your DART Overlay and take him down before his allies can spread out. You’ll also have opportunities to do this later in the corridors, as well as during co-op play.

 Super Solider


Complete a mission without going down

(CO-OP) Not difficult if playing one of the early missions on normal. Just hang back from the front lines, killing who you can from a distance and constantly healing your teammates in order to compensate for your lack of offense.



Complete the game on any difficulty

If you’re after achievements, we’d assume this one takes care of itself...

 The Professional


Kill 50 enemies with all the weapons in the game

You may not get your hands on every weapon during the campaign, but you certainly will playing through co-op. No real trick to this one; just play a lot! Check your progress by viewing player statistics from the ‘extras’ sub menu.